Fallen Officers

Below you will find links to each of the fallen officers that have been remembered through this memorial.  

Marshal Silas E. Clark

November 22, 1897

Marshal Clark died from an accidental gunshot wound.

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Captain William A. Brown

April 30, 1899

Captain Brown, 36, was shot to death while attempting to arrest an armed robber.

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Officer William Strong

June 27, 1899

Officer Strong was murdered by a transient he arrested in the city train yard.

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Deputy Samuel F. Jenkins

May 26, 1900

Deputy Jenkins and Grand County Sheriff Jesse Tyler were murdered 20 miles north of Thompson Springs.

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Sheriff Jesse Tyler

May 26, 1900

Sheriff Tyler and Deputy Samuel F. Jenkins were murdered 20 miles north of Thompson Springs, in Grand County.

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Officer Thomas Nalley

October 14, 1902

Shortly before midnight, Saturday, October 5, 1902, Scofield City Marshal Hugh Hunter responded to the location of a loud party.

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Officer James D. Snipes

October 24, 1903

Officer Snipes died from a gunshot wound received the day before.

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Officer Frank J. Tucker

June 16, 1904

Officer Tucker died when his duty weapon accidentally discharged.

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Officer Charles S. Ford

December 14, 1907

Officer Ford was shot and killed following the armed robbery of a Salt Lake City bar.

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Officer Albert Holindrake

January 12, 1908

Officer Holindrake was killed by the accidental discharge of his own pistol.

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Chief Deputy Seymore L. Clark

November 27, 1908

Chief Deputy Clark was shot and killed by a burglar.

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Officer Charles C. Riley

October 5, 1909

Officer Riley was shot and killed while escorting a suspect to jail in SLC.

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Sergeant John H. Johnston

July 8, 1911

Sergeant Johnston died of a gunshot wound suffered three days earlier.

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Marshal Francis A. Colclough

August 7, 1912

Night Marshal Colclough was shot to death during an attempted armed robbery.

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Officer William C. Nelson

December 25, 1912

Officer Nelson was murdered while conducting foot patrol with another Midvale officer. At 1:30 a.m.,

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