Fallen Officers

Below you will find links to each of the fallen officers that have been remembered through this memorial.  

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Officer Charles B. Skinner

November 8, 2008

Officer Charles B. Skinner died of injuries suffered while responding to a call for assistance from another agency pursuing a stolen car.

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Officer Stephen R. Anderson

June 25, 2007

Officer Stephen R. Anderson was murdered by a Utah State Prison inmate he was escorting to the University Hospital’s orthopedic clinic in Salt Lake City.

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Detective Kevin S. Orr

November 22, 2006

Detective Kevin S. Orr died from injuries received in the crash of a helicopter during a search and rescue operation.

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Officer Jon C. Draper

January 25, 2004

Officer Jon C. Draper died while conducting a routine check of wildlife traps in Straight Canyon, near Orangeville.

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Deputy Jeremiah K. Johnson

May 27, 2003

Deputy Jeremiah K. Johnson was killed in a traffic crash near Castle Dale.

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Deputy David C. Jones

January 26, 2003

Deputy David C. Jones lost his life while attempting to arrest an intoxicated motorist.

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Officer Ronald M. Wood

November 18, 2002

Officer Ronald M. Wood was shot and killed by an armed juvenile.

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Deputy Edward N. Dare

September 24, 2002

Deputy Edward N. Dare was killed in a single-car rollover west of Cedar City.

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Sergeant James E. Faraone

September 18, 2001

Sergeant James E. Faraone was killed in a traffic crash on Interstate 80.

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Officer Joseph D. Adams

August 4, 2001

Officer Joseph D. Adams was shot and killed during a traffic stop.

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Chief Cecil F. Gurr

July 6, 2001

Chief Cecil F. Gurr was shot and killed at a convenience store in Ballard.

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Officer Michael J. Dunman

July 17, 2000

Officer Michael J. Dunman was struck and killed by a motorist.

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Lieutenant Thomas S. Rettberg

February 11, 2000

Lieutenant Thomas S. Rettberg died in a helicopter accident.

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Deputy Tracey D. Davidson

July 26, 1998

Deputy Tracey D. Davidson was killed in a single-car crash on Brush-Wellman Road (UT-212), three miles west of the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta.

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Officer Esther Todecheene

June 8, 1998

Officer Esther Todecheene was killed in a single-car rollover crash near Halchita, a small community south of Mexican Hat.

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