Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Donors

Their generosity is greatly appreciated!

and above

Utah State

and above

Jon and Karen Huntsman

and above

Larry H. Miller

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Foundation

The Utah Peace Officers Association

and above

Citizens of Salt Lake County

and above

Spillman Technologies, Inc.

Utah Highway Patrol Association

and above

Salt Lake Police-Sheriff Honorary Colonels

The Utah Department of Corrections

and above

Symbol Arts

in Kind

Ace Landscaping – subcontractor of Sahara Construction

Citadel Broadcasting Company

Cloward, Hawkins and Simister - Accounting, Auditing and Tax Preparation

Glock, Inc.

Holiday Inn St. George

Kennecott Copper – 6,000 pounds of copper

Kepco+ – subcontractor of Sahara Construction

Mansfield Printing

Performance Audio

The Prop Doc, Orem, Utah, owner Ray Trotter, welding the time capsule

Sahara Construction – Contractor in Charge of Building the Memorial

Southwest Metro Corporation

Timpanogos Harley Davidson

Western Star Concrete – subcontractor of Sahara Construction

and above

Blue Knights Utah IV Motorcycle Club

City of Orem

Salt Lake City Police Department Sergeant’s Association

Salt Lake City Police Mutual Aid Association

Salt Lake Valley Police & Fire Memorial Foundation

Uintah County

Utah Chiefs of Police Association

West Valley Honorary Colonels

Zions Bank

and above

Joe's Excavating, Inc

Ogden Police Benefit Association

Ogden City Corporation

Provo Police Officers Association

Syracuse Police Department

and above

Emery County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Care Fund

Mark Shurtleff

Utah Conservation Officers Association, including Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife

Utah Chapter, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep; North American Wild Turkey Federation

Utah Correctional Association

Utah State Park Officer Association

Ken Wallentine

and above

Cache County Deputies Association – Utah

Craig Forsyth

Macy’s – Northwest

Provo Police Mutual Aid Association

San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies

Springville Police Officers

Utah Narcotic Officers Association

West Jordan Police Department

and above

AAA Utah in honor of local rescuer Park Ranger
Chris Quatrale
Cade Joseph Adams
Beaver County Sheriff’s Office
Beehive Bail Bonds
Bobby Lawrence Karate
Jack Boberg
Cache County Sheriff’s Office – Utah
The Percy Clark Family
Coalition of Police and Sheriffs – California
Arthur “Mac” Connole
Davis County Law Enforcement Administrators Association
Brigitte Dawson
Derrick, Inc.
Mayor Tom Dolan
Terrell Dugan
Thomas M. Farrell
Glenn & Lynette Fisk
Garfield County
Grantsville Police Department
Jon J. Greiner, Senator, and Chief of Police
Art ang Geri Haney
Connie D. Harton
Rich Hilligass
Hoopes Vision Correction Center
ICAC of the Utah Attorney General’s Office
Iron County Sheriff’s Office
Ellis and Kathryn S. Ivory
Juab County Sheriff’s Office
Chief Terry M. Keefe
Layton City Police Department Employees
Logan City
Logan Police Benefit Association
Bianca Lisonbee
Michael Larsen
Millard County Peace Officers Association
Millard County Sheriff’s Office
Murray Police Officers Association
Naples Police Department Employees
Chief Thayle B. Nielsen
North Salt Lake Police Department
Orem City Police Department
Holly H. Orr
Park City Police Department
RS/Park City Lodge #3 Fraternal Order of Police
Rib City Grill, Sandy
Richfield Police Department
Aaron Rosen
Police Benefit Fund – Roosevelt
San Pete County Sheriff’s Office
Sandy City Honorary Colonels
Sandy Police Alliance
Eric and Peggy Schanz
James & Cheryl Schilling
Kenneth V. Shulsen
Captain Teri and Mr. Joe Sommers and Family
Chief Marlon and Diann Stratton
J. Summers
Tooele City P. D.
Employees of the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office
Uintah County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Utah Sheriff’s Association
Utah State Prison Employees Association
Ute Indian Tribe
Brett Walker
Wal-Mart #1572, Vernal
Wal-Mart, Lindon
Wal-Mart, St. George
Wal-Mart, Washington City
Wasatch County Jail Employees and Family Members of Blake Wright
Weber County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
The Seth Wright Family

and above

Cache County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Association
A-Company – in Kind Donation
Josh, Julie, Joey, Taylor, Rylee, Hunter Adams
Thad and Rosemary Adams
Adult Probation and Parole Region VI Employees
Albertson’s Stores IT Employees
The Hugh and Rosalia Badger Ford Family
Ronald Barton
The Benevolent Order of Police – Cedar City PD
Bountiful Police Department
California Association of Highway Patrolmen
Colonial Flag – in Kind Donation
Davis County Employees
Gary L. Desseelhorst
Diversity Foundation
Wayne M. Dow
Paul M. Dugan
K. Jessica Farnsworth
Employees of Utah Correctional Industries
ERT Ghostbusters
The James E. Faraone Family
Fidelity Investments
The Hugh and Rosalia Badger Ford Family
Garfield County
Craig Gibson
Chief Steve & Jackie Guibord
John R. Hanson
Kurt A & Lisa Johnson
Jordan Credit Union
Peggy Latozas
Noelle Lewon
Kenneth W. Macey
Tracy Massaro and Robert T. Curtis
Ron & Kim McDaniel
Millard County Sheriff’s Office
Millard County Peace Officers Association
MJSA Architecture
Murray Police Officers Association
Kevin Nay
North Ogden Police Benefit Association
Toby and Mariane O’Bryant
Holley Orr
Shelly Pierce
Raddon Brothers Construction
St. George Police Officers
Sandy Police Alliance FOP Lodge #21
Adam L. Smith, Smith-Cetraro, Inc.
Shawn Thomas
Janet Thorsted
State of Utah
N. Clark Stringham
Unites States Deputy Wardens Association
Utah Chapter IFMA
Utah Transit Authority Police
Vernal Police Officers Association
Irma Wellard
Richard and Joleen Wright
Ron Yengich, Little Dog Publications

and above

Aspen Printing – Sandy – in kind donation

The Jean Badger Higgs Ovard Family

Gudac Brothers, Inc.

Darrin Larkin

Mike “Stoney” McCarrell

Springville PD Employees Assoc.

Summit County Sheriff’s Office

and above

Dennis Andersen
Ronald Barton
Becky A. Brennan
Carolynn Burt
Bruce Clements
Ben Day
C. R. England, Inc.
Extreme Automotive
Craig R. Gibson
Dell Gordon
Karl Hirst
Hula Girl
The Joubert Family
Robert Kirby
Harold McCown
Ogden Publishing Corp. – In Kind Donation
Lynn and Juanita Oliver
Paragon Press – Al Fairbank
The Ray Lynn Pierson Family
Russell Edward Spann
Kent Stewart
Marlan Wood
City of American Fork

and above

From Zach, Alicia and Samuel Adams
Christian, Katharine, Sage and Sofia Adams
Christopher Ahearn
Paul Ahlstrom
Alarm Control Company
Allred’s Yard & Garden
Ken Allred
Quin Allred
Altitude Cycle
William J. Amann
Aram Andersen
Thomas Anderson
Aram Arslanian
Ashworth Brothers, Inc.
Michael Chamberlain, AZ Emergency Products
Alan Bachman
Colleen Bangerter
William Barrett
Dave Barton
Teresa Bateman
Matthew G. Bell
Treva M. Bell
Tammy Berg
Dave Birch
Wilford Black
Devin Blood
Dorothy L. Boardman
Chief Linda Bourne
William D. Brown
Daniel Bruso
Kyle C. Buschnell
Todd Burraston
Deputy Anthony Byron
Car Concepts, Inc.
David M. Caron
Dean Carr
Victor Cartwright
Clarke Christensen
Capt. Rich Church
Circle D Services
Lynn Collier, Country Carpets
Chief Tom Cram
Crime Reports
K. S. Cornaby
LeMonte Cox
JC Cutter, Cutters Wireless Service
Dave Dart, Century 21
Ralph Dart
Grace Dalton
Gary Deland
Douglas and Carol Devenish
Dickstein, Shapiro, LLP
Mr. Mike Dmitrich
Bradley Eldredge
Annette J. Ellis
Emerald Fire Protection
Emery County Deputy’s Fund
Steve Evans
John Evans
Tina Farish
Mary A. Fay
First Out Bail Bonds
Jedd Fisher
Richard Fisher
Paul Fountaine
Velma Frandsen
David G. Free
Deanna Free
Ron and Gayle Gale
Tom Gates
Ruland J. Gill, Jr.
Gimes Service, Inc.
Gregory Gleeson
Cary Griffiths
Gary Gunrud
Five T Corp
Lynette Gurr
Hafen Design, Inc.
Charlie & Diane Hall
Marvin L. Hendrickson
Gary Hicken
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle W. Hillyard
Cory Hills
Darren Horrocks
Paula Houston
Brock Hudson
Carol L. Huff
HulaGirl, Inc
Rich Humphreys
John Hunt
Brad Hurley
Brian Hutchings
Steven E. Hutchings
Imperial Auto, Inc.
Employees Association Iron County Sheriff’s Office
Patricia Ishmael
JC Penny Corporation Employee Donations, Anonymous
Lars James Jacobs
Marty Jensen
Robert K. Jensen
Jody Wilkinson Acura
Ryan Jonkman
JRC Architects, Inc.
Eddie L. Kantor
James Keller
Phillip H. Kirk
Kiwanis Club of Salt Lake
Lynn Labrum
Tammy Lander, In Memory of her father Sheriff Dale E. Nelson
Les Langford, Law Enforcement Services
Brian Lee Larsen
Aaron M. Lawrence
Melissa Larsen
Michael J. Larsen
Cecillia D. Laufer
Russ Lee
Lowell L. Leishman
Kenneth LeMay
Sgt. Scott Lemmon’s St. George Police Squad 5
Noelle Lewon
Mary Littlebrant
Ted D. Lockhart
Logan Police Department
Jacqueline L. Louie
Troy Lupcho
David and Kimberly Luna
James and Elaine Madson
Walter Matjasich
Mayor Allan Mashburn – Vernal
McClan Enterprises
David L. McClintock
Chief Ken McGuire
Matt McGuire
Rex & Joanne McKee
Dawna McQuiston
Rhett McQuiston
Sheriff Jeff Merrell
Mark Miller
Michael T. Millett
Shane Mitchell
Judith O. Mix
Monson Construction, Inc.
Craig Moody
Mountain West Oil Field Service
Murray City Officers
Alarik and Beth Myrin
Leland Nielson
William H. Nelson
Bob Nichols
Rob Nielsen
Leland Nielson
Charles Nunn
Janine Olson
Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.
Claudia Orr
Damon Orr
Jeff Orr
The Frank Ostmann Family
David Ovard
Garr Ovard
John Ovard
Brent Palmer
Mark Perschon
William L. Peters
Boyd & Donna Phillips
Nathan and Brooke Phillips
Shelly Pierce
S. S. Poff
Provo Ladies of Elks
Dr. Sterling R. Provost
Cory Pulsipher
Andrew J. Randall
James Ratner
Jennifer Reeser
Judy Rich
The Richfield Reaper
Riverdale Police Association
Nicholas Roberts, Jr.
Bryan J. Robinson
Rocky Mountain Alarm
Michael and Michelle Ross
Michael Saldivar
Carol Saldivar
William Searle
Michael and Joyce Sibbett
William Siddoway
Chris Silkman
Deputy Troy Slaugh
Gary Smith
Dennis Sorensen
Louise Speth
Cori Start
Tim Start
Yolanda Steward
Superior Buck & Steel
Jacob Swingler
Tyson Tarr
Vance Thorne
Rich Townsend
Lynn Turner
Udell’s Cabinets, Inc.
Uinta County Peace Officers Association (Wyoming)
The Utah Gang Investigator Association
Utah Legal Clinic Foundation
John L. Valentine
Steve Vojtecky
RM Dusty Vonberg
Carlene M. Walker
Troy Walker
Morgan Warner
Craig Watson
Steven C. West
Western Range Management, LLC, The FARM
Kent Witbeck
C. J. Withers
Scheree E. Wilcox
Sherlynn White Fenstermaker
Blair Wood
Lori Worthington
Seth Wright
James L. Yeoman
Dale Zabriskie
Shannon Curran of Flight Management Group
Brigham City Floral and Gift
Greg Hunt
Michael Thiede

Up to $99

Julie Abrahamson
Coy Acocks
Adam’s Body and Paint and Graphics – in Kind Donation
Emily Adams
KP Adams
Roger Adams
Seth and Cami Adams
Thad & Rosemary Adams
AG Employees Fund
Emilo Aguayo
Randall Akers
Melissa Albee
Renee Alcott
Alan Alldredge
Linda Alldredge
Rod Allen
Wade Allinson
Bob Allison
Mrs. Paulette A. Allred
Quin Allred
Marion Amann
Paul Amann
Val Anderson
Sylvia R. Andersson
Sgt. Jeff Andreason
Teri Angus
Dwayne Anjewierden
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Trooper
George R. Archebeque
Miguel Arciga
Luis Argueta
Clifford Argyle
Wesley Arnoldson
Kelly Arocha
Carolyn Arzac
Josh Backus
Lynn & Carol Badham
Danyelle Badovinatz
Susan Bailess
Jeremy Baile
Kelly Bailey
Pat Bailey
Mandie Baird
Tyrell Bangerter
Leisa L. Bankhead
Joan & Missy Barber
Kevin Barett
Chara S. Barker
Michael Barker
Kristene Barkley
Alisa Barnes
Carol Barnes
Jared Barnes
R. J. and Mishaun Barnes Family
Phil Barney
Chief Lee Barry
Misty Barry
Joyce Barton
Russell Barton
Robyn E. Bass
Officer Bastian
Heather Baugh
Ted J. Bazarnik
Jesse Beales
Reid Bean
Joseph Bear
Mark Bear
Frank Beaulieu
Cynthia Becker
Arnold LaMar Beckstead
Kim Beglarian
Michelle Behl
Nicole Bellah
Dale Bench
Rob S. Bench
Arlan Bennett
Dave Bennett
David Bennett
Justin Bennett
Brad Benson
Maureen Benson
Ronald W. Benson
Lance Bess
Jay Berger
Robert Bergsjo
Jill Berman
Jason Bernards
Annie K. Berntson
Aaron Berquist
Kirt Bertelson
Stephanie Best
K. E. Betterton
Matt Bilodeau
Dan Birchett
Becky Bird
Kim C. Bird
Rick Black
Tamara Black
Mitch Blackham
Mervin Blanchard, Jr.
Rick Boddy
Linda K. Boggess
Rex Bood
Chief Kip Botkin
Cindee Bouge
Bruel Bowen
Kim Bowman
Denice Bradfield
Kevin Bradshaw
William Brady
Wilford Brimley
J. D. Brisk
Dave Broadhead
Kenneth Broadhead
Sherrie Brokaw
Doug Brooks
Wayne Brothersen
Bill Brown
Keldon Brown
Richard Brown
Jeff Bruderer
Ricky L. Bundy
Dave Burdett
Mark Burgess
Morris Burton
Keith and Nedra Buxton
Ruth Bybee
Wendy Bybee
David Byrd
David Bywater
Michael and Coni A. Cadieux
John Cale
Tamera Call-OBrien
Don Campbell
Ken Campbell
Dean Cannon
Gary Carlson
Ralph Carlson
Barnes Carol
Bonnie Carruba
William Carruth
Richard Carter
John Carver
Victoria Carver
Jayson Chamberlain
Officer Chambers
Douglas Chambers
Chief Stephen M. Chapman
Donation made on behalf of Deputy Chris Chappell, Wayne Co SO
Berke Cheesman
Kim & Sue Ann Cheshire
Paul Child
Jorge Cholico
Chris Christensen
Donna M. Christensen
Jason Christensen
Justin Christensen
Kim Christensen
Lamont Christensen
Paul J. Christensen
Susan Christensen
Jay Christianson
Richard A. Christianson
Steve Clarice
Geoffrey Clark
Joey R. Clark
Michael Clark
Stephen Clark
Travis Clark
Perry Coger
Holly Coggins
Officer Darrin Coleman
Randy M. Conklin
Robert S. Conner
Mark Connolly
Alvin Cooley
Kiel Coomes
Malea and Curtis Cooper
Tisha Cooper
LaMar Cope
Shayne Copeland
James Coray
K. S. Cornaby
Robert Cosson
Tyler Cowan
Bud Cox
Kathleen Cox
Chief Craig
Jennifer Craig
Dennis Crandall
Keith and Lewilla Criddle
Jed H. Crittenden
Sgt. Billy Crosby
John E. Crowley
Lona Cullison
Joseph N. Cummings
Bryan Cunningham
Dan Curtis
Jeffrey Curtis
Julie Curtis
Justin Curtis
Mike Dangerfield
Marc Daniels
Lance Davenport
Mark Davis
Ray Day
Cheri L. Dean
Heidi Deifel
Jeff DeJong
Robert Dekker
Gae Lynn Deland
Suzanne Delaplaine
Wayne L. Dial
Cheryl C. Diener
Daniel Diener
Brent Dietrich
Erica Dixon
Holly Dixon
Doug’s Shoot ‘N Sports
Dan Dove
Tracy Doyal
Patricia Draper
Danny Driggs
Natalie Dumas-Heidt
Terri Dumcombe
Tyler L. Duncan
Chris Dunn
Steve Durrant
Gregory DuVal
Lori Dyer
Danny Earl
Michael Eastman
Ken Eborn
Travis Eddington
Steven Eddy
G. Eggleston
Robert Eldard
J. Ellertson
Steve Ellingson
Annette Ellis
Marlene English
Jamie Enniss
C. Douglas Ericksen
Ryan Ericksen
Darlene Evans
James Evans
Lydia E. Evans
Rick Evans
Mark E. Ewart
Jill Ewing
Chief Lynn Excell
Steve and Emily Kay Fail
Penny Falkner
Danny Fallows
Ford Fannen
Richard Farnsworth
Ryan Farnsworth
Peggy Faulkner
Joey Fernelius
Mark Fernlund
Val Ferrin
Kareba Fillingim
Jim Fillpot
Kelly Fine-Jensen
Alton Fisher
Mary Kathleen Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. David Fitzgerald
Kurt Fitz-Randolph
Britani Flores
George Foss
David Foster
Lewis Fowers
Denise Fowkes
Jeremy Fowlke
Calvin Fox
Wayne Frandsen
Marie W. Francis
Joseph & Liane Frederick
Jared Freedman
Jan S. Freeman
Tracy Frigm
Robert H. Fromme
Janet Frost
David Furlong
Robert E. Fyock
Craig Gaines
Gale’s Office Supply and Books
Robert Gallacher
Steven P. Gamvroulas
Vern E. Ganwisch
Alexander Garcia
Geno Garcia
Karen Garcia
Jeffrey Geslison
Larry & Toni Gillett
Andrew Glad
Alicia Gleave
Boyd Gledhill
Michael V. Glacking
Joe Gonzales
Frank Goodman
Andrew Gordon
Stephen Gordon
Connie J. Gorrell
Dave Graham
Wallace Gray
Josie Greathouse
Christine H. Green
Susan Greenwood
Roger L. Griffis
Jerry D. Griffiths
Sid Groll
Jeff Grundell
Chad Grundy
Francis P. Guarente
Lisa Guerrero
Ashton Guibord
Chelsi Guibord
Charee Guibord
Steven Guibord
Walter & Marion Guibord
Beryl Gurr
Slade Gurr
Audrey Gustafson
Robert A. Gutierrez
Brian Gwilliam
Jeff Gygi
Nancy Gygi
Randy Hafen
Hale Centre Theatre
Leola Halford
Wendy Hall Walker & Thea Hall Langston, In Memory of Officer Carlos Hall
Michael R. Hall
Heather Hallman
Richard Hamp
Arlon Hancock
Dean Handsaker
Bob Hansen
Christie Hansen
Clay Hansen
Robert Hansen
Shalon Hansen
Victoria M. Hanshew
Craig Harding
Dustin Hardy
Jill and Timothy Harris
Martha and James Harris
Kerry Hart
Chief Greg Harwood
Robert Hatch
Kim Hawkes
Korey Healy
Alania Heaps
Jaemie Heaps Mauchley
Roslyn Heaps
Travis and Amanda Heaps
Hugh Heindel
Chief Dave Helquist
Barbara Hendershot
Robin Henry
Victoria M. Henshew
James Herbers
Cory Hess
David Heywood
Ryan Hicka
Jared Higgs
Eric Hill
Joseph Hill
Steve Hodges
Barton Hoenes
James Hoffman
Bert C. Holbrook
David Holcomb
Dave Holm
Heather Hone, In Memory of Connie Brimhall
Jake Honey
Steve Hooley
Clara Hoppal
Corporal Valeen Horrocks
David Horstman
Carol A. Houghnon
Brandy Howard
Chris Howard
Dennis Howard
Jim and Patti Howard
Paul Y. Howard
Lisa Howe
Justin Hoyal
Michael Hreinson
George E. Huber
Carol Huff
Alex and Lezlie Huggard
Jamie Hurd
Brad R. Hurley
Alan Huss
Lynette Ingledew
Jeff Isaacson
Cynthia Iverson
Sandra Iwasaki
Jack’s Tire and Oil, Ogden
Dr. Charles Jackson, DDS
Rod Jacobs
Mark James
Timothy Jameson
Myrna Jeffers
David Jenkins
Deanetta L. Jenkins
Joshua Jennings
Carolyn Jensen
Dean Jensen
Jeremy Jeppson
Kenneth R. Johansen
Ashlee D. Johnson
Brian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Jacob Johnson
Paul Johnson
Rosanne Johnson
Sterling Johnson
Steve Johnson
Tara Johnson
Ben Jones
Colleen Jones
David Jones
John Jones
Kyle Jones
Shalon D. Jones
Tim Jordan
Dennis L. Judd Law Office
Chantae Julius
Bill Justesen
Susan Kampman
Becky Kapp
Kari Karas
Mr Kaufmann
Nikki Kay
Randi Kennedy
KenTeck, Inc
William Kersey
Brad Kiel
Paul Kilbury
Nancy Killian
Michael L. Kimball
Rhett Kimball
Ronald Kirby
Greg Knapp
Jacob Knight
Kristine M. Knowlton
Marge Koch
Lynn Koester
The Koesters
Perry Koger
Tom Kosmack
Kalon Z. Krieger
Cydney Kronmiller
Micah Kronmiller
David Kruckenberg
Alan Kuchar
Joey Kuni
John O Kunkel
Mitch Lane
Brent Lange
Thea Langston
The Jean Badger Higgs Ovard Family
Ross Larsen
Sarah Larsen
John Larson
Kelly Larson
Wayne Larson
Scott Lauritzen
Richard Laursen
Benjamin Lavine
Van W. Layman
Chad Ledford
Bonnie Leditre
Benjamin W. Lee
Willem E. Leeflang
Scott Lemmon
Sandy Lemmon
Dave Lesser
Frederico C. Libertini
Robert Linton
Benjamin Linquist
Alan Lisonbee
Ching Liu
Ted Lockhart
Mike London
Kelly F. Long
Art Lopez
Ray Lopez
J. D. Lougee
Luis Lovato
Boyd Loveless
Tom Lowder
Jon Lowry
Marty Lyon
Trung M. Lu
Leo S. Lucey
David Lundberg
Blaine Lundskog
Marty Lyon
Mark Mace
Officer Osvaldo Macias
Arnold Kay MacNaughtan
Scott Magleby
Tim Magnuson
Jeff Malan
Linda A. Malmborg
Susan Mannweiler
Michael Marino
Officer E. Martin
Danny Martinez
Douglas Marx
Larry Marx
Heidi Mathie
Kenton C. Mattingley
Jaemi H. Mauchley
Moose Maurer
Jon Maxwell
Rick Mayo
Jason Mazuran
Lynn McAfee
Chris McCandless
Shawn McCartney
Johnny McCoy
Dennis & Alba McGowan
Mark A. McKean
Mitch McKee
Daniel McKown
Forrest McNeill
Clinton McQueen
Frosty McWilliams
Officer Darren Meadows
Steve Mecham
Bret Merchant
John R. Merrick
Kevin Merrick
Scott Mickelsen
Jennie Mickelson and Family
L. K. Middaugh
Sharon Miller
Mike Minichino
Miguel Miranda
John Mitchell
Ron Mitchell
Sandra Mitchell
Shane Mitchell
Judith O. Mix
Kerry Montague
Troy Molling
Ann Moon
Dennis Moore
Diane Moore
Robyn Moore
Warren Morgan
A. J. Morley
Janet Bell Morley
Peggy Morrill
Jeffrey D. Mortensen
Doyle & Caryn Moss
Jefferson Moss
Jake Mossman
Scott Mourtgos
Quinn Moyes
Max Mucha
Dana Mudrock
Rodney Mulder
Paul Murphy
David Myers
Megan Naess
David Nance
Steven Nannery
Mark Nash
Mike Nealley
Chamberlain Neff
James Neill
Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson
Mark Nelson
Evan Nessen
New Image Home
Steve Newkirk
Rod Nield
Derek Nielsen
Paul Nielsen
Nielsen’s Auto Inc.
Brett Nielson
Geoffrey Nielson
Samantha Noland
Shane J. Nordfelt
Richard North
Rod Norton
Keith Nunley
James Nye
Justin O’Rafferty
Amber M. Oliver
Cody Olsen
Mike & Shelly Olsen
Jill Olsen-Clark
Pat Olsen
Becky Orr
Blake Ottesen
Brigitte Otto
Weston Pace
Rachel Paddock
Tracy R. Paletta
Brandon Palmer
Craig Park
Daisy L. Parker
Alisa and Steve Parks
Ronald Parr
RW or ES Partner
Kathy S. Paschal
Chuck Patterson
Frank Paxton
Robert Paxton
Jennifer Payne
Vint M. Payne
Michael Peacock
James Peters
Shane Perkins
Lee Perry
Christopher Petersen
Lane and Jo Anne Petersen
Kathy Peterson
Ray Peterson
Richard G. Peterson
Dean Pettersson
Ronald Pettit
Cheryl Lynn Pheifer
Cammy Phelps
Boyd Phillips
Kevin & Leslie Phillips
Linda Phillips
Mike & Sue Phillips
Michael Phillips
Brett R Pierson and Family
Clint R. Pierson and Family
Joel Pippin
Todd Pitcher
Heather Pitts
Janet D. Pliler
Bruce Pollei
Jon Pollei
Laura Pollock and Family
Christopher Pope
Ashley Porter
Ben Porter
Sgt. Glen Porter
Janine Porter
Mark Porter
Deputy Neil W. Porter
Perry L. Porter
James M. Potter
Jeffrey Potter
Cynthia Poulson
Michael Powell
Rose M. Powell
Terry Powell
Diane Powers
Dave Powers
Jeanne Pratt
Don Preece
Jack F. Price, Sr.
Shawn Price
William Price
Professional Sales & Service
Penny L. Prows-Poulsen
John Pullman
Lee Pyper
Officer Richard Raddatz
Mark Ramsey
Rory Rasmussen
Lynne M. Rankin
Doug Rawlinson
Spencer Redden
Suzanne Redington
Lenna Reed
Rose Reed
David Rentmeister
Lenny Reese
Paul A. Renzo
Kristen L. Repp
Rachelle Reynolds
Edward Rhoades
Dr. Carl J. Rice
Daniel Richards
Suzanne Richardson
Jack Rickards
Martin Rindlisbacher
Mark Rispoli
Doug Roberts
Kathy Robertson
Sheriff Robertson
Mark Robinson
Norm Robinson
Officer Gordon Robison
Chris Rockwood
Alexandra Rodriquez
Walter A. Romney, DMD
Jay & Elynor Romrell
Forrest Roper
Bob Rogers
P. L. Rocky Rognlie
Chief Rosenbaum
Tina G. Rosier
Forrest L. Roper
Corey Rowley
Daniel Rowley
Dan & Gwen Rowley
Michael W. Rufener
Stephen Rugg
Gordon Russell
James Russell
Kim Russell
Max Ryujin
Keith Sabin
Gordon Sadler
Terri Salas
Lawrence Sandberg
Neomi Sandoval
Anthony Sapa
K. Leah Sanford
Lt. Keith Savage
Michael Schoenfeld
Anita Schwemmer
Jeff Seder-Holm
Rolan and Linda Senior
Mark Sessions
Glenn L. Setterberg
Brian Shade
Derek Shelley
Denise Shepherd
Scott Sherner
Jake Shuler
Randy Shurtliff
Valeri D. Simpson
Brandon Singleton
Stacie Sipes
Lorrin Sisam
Sam Skaggs
Sheriff Slade
Kathy T. Slagowski
Troy Slaugh
Jennifer Smartt
Alice Smith
B.L. Smith
Briant Smith
Chad Smith
Gary Smith
Heber Smith
Joanne Smith
Kelly Smith
Kristy Smith
Larry Smith
Steve Smith
Jeff Snelten
Rolynn Snow
Zachary B. Snow
Dennis Sorensen
S. Dewain Sorensen
Connie C. Sorenson
Karole Sorenson
T. Sommers
Eliz. L. Spann
Sean Sparks
Linda Spencer
Jeff Spencer, Kent’s Shooter Supply
Scott Spencer
Steven Spurrier
Keith Squires
Paulette Staples
Terry Stapley
Roland Steadham
Cletis Steele
Matthew and Janna Lei Sterner
Christine Stevens
Wayne Stevens
Steven Stout
Daniel Stowe
Marianne Suarez
Mary Swallow
Alice Gene Swartzell
Clyde Troy Tait
Troy Tait
Elden and Anita Tanner
Don B. Taylor
Jeanine Taylor
Janae Tavoian
Al Taylor
Alan F. Taylor
Kevin Thacker
Christopher Thomas
Clark Thomas
Kem Thomas
Randy M. Thomason
Cheryl Thompson
Don Thompson
Robert Thompson
Terry Thompson
Dallin Thomson
Richard and Dawnette Thorne
Jill Thorpe
James Timpson
Allan Tipton
Janeen Torres
Patrick Torsak
Douglas S. Townsend
Wayne C. Townsend
Sheriff Tracy
Chris Trani
Sharon Trujillo
Michelle and Michael Turner
Michael Turner
Travis Turner
Mark Underwood
Utah State Prison Association
Aaron Upwall
Darrell VanCott
Valinda VanKomen
Gene VanRoosendaal
Stanton Van Wagoner
Craig Vargo
Michael Vaughan
Joe Vega
Brandon Verde
Scott Verde
Denise Vincent
Frank Volic
Patricia vonKhrum
Kathy Vorwaller
Glena Vose
Orville Wagaman
Terry Wagner
Robert & Kathryn Wallace
Amanda Walton
Robert Wangsgard
Morgan R. Warner
Jean Wawrzyniak
Wasatch Embroidery, Inc
Melvin E. Waters
Sergeant Mark Watkins
Christopher Watson
Blaine Watts
Doris Watts
Kevin Watts
Mike Watts
Jean Wawrzyniak
Eli Wayman
James Weaver
Michael Weaver
Randy & Diana Webb
Brian Weidmer
Norman Weiss
Jeff Weitzel
Patience Weitzel
Jennifer Welsh
Joan S. Welsh
Scott Wheeler
Daniel Wight
David White
Al Whitehorse
Jesse Whitlock
Jared Wihongi
Tracy Wilcock
William Wilcox
Wilder Construction
Darrin R. Williams
Timothy Williams
Josh Wilson
Mark Wilson
Neldon Wilson
Val and Barbara Wilson
Roger Winkler
Mandy Winters
Mary Winters
C.J. Withers
Roberta L. Wolsey
Jerry Womack
Brett Wood
Jeff Wood
Jonathan Wood
Marlan Wood
Gary Worthen
Steve Wozab
Daniel Wright
James Wright
Lynn Wright
Richard L. Wright
Richard Wybrowh
Barbara Wright Yant
Erma K. Yengich
Frances P. York
Shellie L. Young
Wayne Young
Mark Zelig