Board of Directors

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Executive Officers


Lt. Pat Evans
Draper Police Department

Vice President

Lt. Maureen Bensen
Davis County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)

Vice President

Special Agent Mike Powell
Utah Attorney General’s Office

Executive Members


Special Agent Patricia I. Reed
Utah Attorney General’s Office (Retired)


Jamie Sorensen

K-9 Memorial

Jackie Phillips
Provo Police Department (Former)

Grave Marker Program

Deputy Warden Jerry Pope
Utah Department of Corrections (Retired)


John Hodson
L.D.S. Chruch Security (Retired)
Salt Lake City Police (Retired)


Chief Brian Gwilliam
Lone Peak Police Department

Associate Board Members

Honor Wall

Lt. Danny Driggs
Weber County Sheriff’s Office

Event A/V Coordinator

Glenn Fisk

Family Liaison

Liz Romrell


Robert Kirby
Salt Lake Tribune (Retired)

Legal Advisor

Scott W. Reed

Legislative Liaison

Lee Perry

Social Media/Web

Jessica Le

Video Editor

Officer Bret Bateman
Kaysville Police Department

Assistant Treasurer

Irene Kirby

Immediate Past President

Kaysville Police Department