Fallen Officers

Below you will find links to each of the fallen officers that have been remembered through this memorial.  You can read more about them and even leave a response on their wall.  We encourage you leave any thoughts, prayers, memories and anything else you want to put in memory of these heroes.

Officer Nathan J. Lyday
Officer Joseph Shinners
Officer David Romrell
Assistant Chief Dennis Vincent
Trooper Eric Ellsworth
Officer Cody Brotherson
Officer Douglas Barney
Sergeant Cory Wride
Sergeant Derek R. Johnson
Trooper Aaron Beesley
Officer Jared D. Francom
Deputy Brian B. Harris
Officer Joshua Yazzie
Sergeant Franco R. Aguilar
 Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox
Officer Charles B. Skinner
Officer Stephen R. Anderson
 Detective Kevin S. Orr
Officer Jon C. Draper
Deputy Jeremiah K. Johnson
Deputy David C. Jones
Officer Ronald M. Wood
Deputy Edward N. Dare
Sergeant James E. Faraone
Officer Joseph D. Adams
Chief Cecil F. Gurr
Officer Michael J. Dunman
Lieutenant Thomas S. Rettberg
Deputy Tracey D. Davidson
Officer Esther Todecheene
Lieutenant Fred F. House
Ranger Michael A. Beaulieu
Officer Norman K. Nisson
Trooper Randy K. Ingram
Sergeant Doyle R. Thorne
 Deputy Michael S. Welcker
Trooper Dennis L. Lund
Trooper Joseph S. Brumett, III
Special Agent Steven W. Harton
Deputy Blake V. Wright
 Officer Roy L. Stanley
 Officer Andy Begay
 Officer Jackson D. Elmer
Deputy Wade A. Hansen
Lieutenant Gerry L. Ivie
Officer Tom M. Rees
Officer Rodney W. Schreurs
Deputy Charles H. Dickey, Jr.
Trooper Daniel W. Harris
Sergeant Ronald L. Heaps
Sheriff Dale E. Nelson
Trooper Ray L. Pierson
Agent Robert B. Hutchings
Sergeant Lauren E. Dow
Trooper William J. Antoniewicz
Lieutenant James R. Merrill
Deputy Melvin C. Colebrook
Detective Percy L. Clark
Trooper John R. Winn
Deputy Donald P. Jensen
Officer Don Wagstaff
Officer Charles G. Porter
Chief George S. Davis
Officer Adolph F. Bush
 Deputy Carlos M. Hall
Detective Marshall N. White
 Officer August L. Larsen
Sheriff Seth F. Wright
 Trooper George D. Rees
 Trooper Armond A. Luke
Officer Edwin L. Edwards
Deputy Alma P. Sorensen
Deputy McKay C. Jewkes
Officer Edwin J. Fisher
 Officer Harold A. Peterson, Sr.
 Deputy Leon A. May
 Detective Owen T. Farley
 Sergeant Wesley Rosette
 Sergeant Thomas W. Stroud
 Marshal Alonzo T. Larsen
 Patrolman Franklin D. Schaerrer
Officer Clarence M. Bean
Sheriff Samuel M. Bliss
Detective Hoyt L. Gates
Sheriff William L. Black
Sheriff John H. Cottam
Officer Blaine L. Baxter
Officer Joseph H. Quigley
Trooper George E. Van Wagenen
Deputy Richard D. Westwood
Officer Willard R. Dahle
Officer Carl J. Carlson
Deputy Oscar Fullmer
Marshal Jesse R. Ward
Special Officer Rollin Tanner
Officer James M. Burns
Officer Gustave J. Lund
Officer Brigham H. Honey, Jr.
Officer William N. Huntsman
Officer David H. Crowther