Trooper Aaron Beesley

Trooper Aaron Beesley

End of Watch: 

June 30, 2012

Age: 34
Utah Highway Patrol
Accidental: Fall

Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Aaron R. Beesley died from a fall during a search and rescue operation in Salt Lake County. 

Trooper Beesley was the tactical flight officer aboard a helicopter sent to rescue two teenagers stranded on the Mount Olympus trail. The 13-year veteran trooper elected to remain at the scene alone while the helicopter transported the hikers to safety. Upon returning, the pilot located Trooper Beesley’s body at the bottom of a 90-foot cliff. He had apparently fallen while attempting to retrieve some equipment. Trooper Beesley is survived by his wife and three sons.

The bronze memorial name plaque of Trooper Aaron R. Beesley is sponsored by the Utah Highway Patrol Association.

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