Fallen Officers

Below you will find links to each of the fallen officers that have been remembered through this memorial.  

Deputy Rodney Badger

April 29, 1853

The first Utah police officer to die in the line of duty drowned during a rescue attempt.

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Officer William Cooke

October 18, 1858

Officer Cooke was the first Utah police officer to be murdered in the line of duty.

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Officer Levi W. Davis

May 7, 1860

On April 27, Officer Davis was a member of the posse attempting to serve a warrant on a rustler.

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Marshal William R. Story

May 2, 1870

U.S. Marshal Story was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a murder suspect.

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Officer Festus Sprague

May 3, 1870

Officer Sprague was killed during a gun battle with a homicide suspect.

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Marshal Albert O. H. Bowen

October 16, 1873

Marshal Bowen was murdered at a Provo saloon. During the evening of October 13, the 44-year-old victim responded to a report of an intoxicated man waving a gun.

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Warden Mathew B. Burgher

March 16, 1876

Warden Burgher succumbed to injuries sustained while attempting to prevent an escape from the territorial prison.

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Deputy John Diamond

March 27, 1879

Deputy Diamond was shot and killed following an altercation in a courtroom at Silver Reef.

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Officer Daniel Mahoney

August 5, 1883

On the evening of Saturday, August 4, 1883, while conducting his rounds, Officer Mahoney had several encounters with three intoxicated individuals.

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Marshal Andrew H. Burt

August 25, 1883

Marshal Burt was murdered by a deranged man in downtown Salt Lake City.

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Sergeant Alonzo M. Wilson

April 12, 1894

Sergeant Wilson died from an accidental gunshot wound.

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Sheriff James C. Burns

September 26, 1894

Sheriff Burns was shot and killed while investigating rustling in the mountains above Spring City.

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Officer John C. Morrissey

July 6, 1895

Officer Morrissey was accidentally shot to death by a fellow officer.

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Constable Thomas A. Stagg

July 30, 1895

Constable Stagg, 62, and Uinta County (WY) Deputy Dawes, 43, were killed in a gun battle near the Wyoming border.

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Deputy Edward N. Dawes

July 30, 1895

Deputy Dawes, 43, and Echo City Constable Thomas Stagg were killed in a gun battle near the Wyoming border.

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