Utah Law Enforcement Memorial License Plate

Thank you for your continued support of the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial (ULEM) and our fallen Utah heroes.  As you are aware, ULEM has been the driving force behind the creation of a new Utah special group license plate which recognizes Utah’s fallen officers, who gave all in protecting Utah citizens.  This project has taken longer than we had expected.  However, we are nearing completion in large part because the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Board has committed to pay for the first 500 standard Utah special group license plates issued for the first year.

The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles requires 500 applications before a special group license plate can go into production. 

The first year of your license plate fees and associated costs will be paid by ULEM.  It is our hope that all persons who receive ULEM license plates will continue to carry the ULEM plates for years to come. 

If you previously submitted a TC-203 application for a ULEM license plate, you will need to submit a new application in order to accommodate updated information (address, vehicle make/model, etc..)

Please note:  You must have a current and valid Utah vehicle registration in order to qualify for this ULEM license plate offer. 

Motorcycle License Plates: We deeply regret that motorcycle license plate applications can no longer be accepted due to limited plate series restrictions per the DMV.  If you previously submitted a TC-203 application to ULEM for a motorcycle license plate, you must fill out a new application for a vehicle if you wish to participate in this offer.

Personalized License Plates: Personalized license plates are not included in this offer.  If you desire personalized plates, you will need to submit a separate application directly to the DMV after you have received your standard Utah ULEM special group license plate.  You can do this in person or online.  The ULEM Board is anxious to have the ULEM plates issued, and creation of personalized plates in the first 500 will be difficult to manage and delay the process. 


First: Complete the TC-203 application in its entirety (including phone number and email address).  If you are filling out the form by hand, you must print clearly so we, and the DMV, can read your application. An incomplete or illegible TC-203 application will be returned to you for correction and you may lose your priority in the application process.

Second: You must sign and date your application in “Section 4: Owner Signature(s)” This is a DMV requirement. If you don’t sign your application, it will no be processed and will be returned to you seeking correction.

Please note: The TC-203 application mentions a fee at the bottom. Please disregard. DO NOT send money with your application.  ULEM is paying for the first year.

Third: Email your TC-203 application (preferably in .pdf format) to: ulem.licenseplate@gmail.com

Reminder!  Once we receive 500 applications, we will end this offer, so hurry and email us your application!

Important Information:

ULEM will be paying for the special group license plate fees and associated costs for the first year only.  This will not renew your registration; that month/year will remain the same.  Registration costs for the specialty plate after the first year will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Once ULEM has obtained 500 TC-203 applications and turned them over to the DMV, the DMV has up to six (6) months to print and issue the plates.

For questions regarding our license plate promotion, please email us at ulem.licenseplate@gmail.com.

ULEM License Plate
Proposed Graphic – Pending DMV Approval

You can get your TC-203 application by clicking here.

We are excited about the new license plate that recognizes Utah’s Fallen Officers and hope you will join us in honoring our Utah heroes.

Kind Regards,

Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Board

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