ULEM License Plate
We have started taking license plate applications again! Download the plate application here. Section 1 should already read “Utah Law Enforcement Memorial” and “Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Inc” in the two boxes. The rest of the boxes are for your personal and vehicle information.

Please make sure you fill it out as completely as possible. We will be relying on the contact info you put on this form if we find any issues with your application and need to contact you about it.

If you are wanting to personalize your license plate you can use up to 5 characters, not 7. You will need to send in the personalized plate form along with the plate application.

For a regular plate, send a check or money order for $54.00. For a personalized plate, send a check or money order or $99.00.

Please send your applications to:

C/O Danny Driggs
3344 Jackson Ave,
Ogden, UT 84403

For questions you can message this page, send an e-mail to ddriggs@gmail.com or call or text 801-528-2544.

Attached is the basic mock up of the license plate and you can click it to view a larger version. The line at the bottom will most likely be changed to be more like a flowing ribbon and our logo will look a bit better than portrayed here.


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