Officer Levi W. Davis

Officer Levi W. Davis

Died on:  

May 7, 1860

Age 24
Springville Police Department
Homicide: Handgun

On April 27, Officer Davis was a member of the posse attempting to serve a warrant on a rustler. The posse found suspect sleeping at his father’s home and instructed him to come with them. The suspect agreed and began to strap on a pistol belt. When ordered to surrender his weapons, the suspect pulled both revolvers and fired on the posse. One pistol misfired, the other discharged. The bullet struck the 24-year-old victim in the right collarbone and ranged downward causing a mortal wound. The rest of the posse immediately shot the suspect. Officer Davis and the suspect lived nearly a week, dying on May 7, 1860. Officer Davis was single. He was buried in Springville City Cemetery. His bronze memorial plaque is sponsored by friends and employees of the Springville Police Department.

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