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Trooper William J. Antoniewicz

Died on December 8, 1974

Age 27
Utah Highway Patrol
Homicide: Handgun

Trooper Antoniewicz was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Echo Canyon. At approximately 10 p.m., the 27-year-old victim stopped a speeding vehicle eastbound on Interstate 80, nine miles east of Echo Junction. The driver shot Trooper Antoniewicz twice with a .38-calibre revolver, kicked him in the head, and then fled the scene. The victim’s body was discovered by a passing trucker. After an investigation lasting nearly two years, a suspect was charged with the murder. The trial ended in a hung jury. Rather than face a second trial, the suspect pled guilty to second-degree murder. After serving 12 years, he was paroled in 1989. Trooper Antoniewicz was single and had been a member of the UHP for six months. He was buried in Richmond City Cemetery. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the Utah Highway Patrol Association.

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13 responses to “Trooper William J. Antoniewicz”

  1. Robert Kirby says:

    Thanks for pushing me along when I faltered. Give my best to Chuck.

  2. Larry Conrad says:

    I was working for Weber County SO at the time and spent the entire night manning a road block at the mouth of Weber Canyon the night of this shooting. It was a long cold night. I spent the next 30 plus years in law enforcement working in three states. I have attended more memorial services for fallen officers, but none touched me like this one and that night. One of this country’s unsung heros.

  3. sharon anselmo says:

    We were driving through the Canyon and stopped at the rest stop. Climbed the hill, and I saw this cross and took a picture. It took me a while to follow up, but this trooper’s cross moved me. It took me a while to follow up, but he deserves something more at that site. You give your lives, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice. I shared it on my Facebook page, but I am not sure that will ever be enough. He was a hero!

  4. Emilio says:

    12 years? You’ve got to be kidding.

  5. Neal says:

    The date has to be wrong … it was the 2nd day of P.O.S.T. training that his seat was empty and we were told he’d been killed. That would have been November 4 or 5 1974.

  6. Mairi Madailin Scott Douglas says:

    I’m a truck driver and I stop at Echo quite often. On a hill at the rest area someone built a memorial cross.
    It looks old and falling apart. Some other tried to fix it and today I did too. I left a coin and a pink quartz heart. Today I could put a face behind the fading name.
    Thanks Trooper, Rest In Peace

  7. Mairi Madailin Scott Douglas says:

    The killer was out after 12 years. That’s wrong. He deserves better than a decrepit sodden cross and a murderer walking free. Shame on us!

  8. Laura J. Facer says:

    Because of the American Atheists, the large cross had to be moved.

    He was my uncle, the date indeed was Dec. 8, 1974

    • Rob says:

      I never knew this man , I would have only been a teenager at the time but I travel this Highway often and have seen his marker at MP 186 with the flag torn by the strong winds , I have stopped and replaced that flag now four times my self in the past two years for you Laura J Facer and the rest of his family just as respect to a man that seems to have been over looked by the state . >? not trying to set blame just wanted you to know he has another new flag up today :o)

      • Pat Evans says:


        Thank you for looking out for our Fallen Officers. I will pass the flag issue on to folks who work on the crosses and flags.


      • Laura J. Facer says:


        Thank you so much for the respect you have given for his life. Our family appreciates anyone who gives his life a second thought.I am sure he appreciates it too. Thank you for your time and for the flags. May God bless you as you travel this earth!… Laura J. Facer

  9. kevin ogara says:

    the Wyoming Utah area in the 70,s a lawless time my heart goes out to the antoniewicz family I heard the guy they caught bragged about it, and now hes out of jail , my dad was murdered, in Wyoming jan 18, 1975, rocksprings, Edward ogara , he was from newbedford mass john and my dad grew up same neighborhood, and died in same state I wish peace to every family that has suffered a loss , everyone stands in final judgement before god thanks and god bless

    • Laura J. Facer says:

      Kevin.. I just read your post from 2017. I am also sorry to hear about the death of your father. That is intriguing that your father was also from New Bedford and was killed just a short time later, so close to where my Uncle was killed. I wish you peace and hope you are well. Thank you for your comment.

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