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Officer Willard R. Dahle

Died on May 4, 1929

Age 53
Logan Police Department
Homicide: Handgun

Officer Dahle was shot and killed by a bootlegger. Earlier in the day, a man arrested for manufacturing whiskey had written a check for his bail but forgot to sign it. Officer Dahle was sent to the suspect’s home for the purposes of securing a signature. The 53-year-old officer was sitting in a chair in the suspect’s bedroom discussing the matter when he was shot three times with a .380-automatic pistol. The suspect then committed suicide. Officer Dahle was married and the father of three children. He is buried in Logan City Cemetery. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the Logan City Police Benefit Association.

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3 responses to “Officer Willard R. Dahle”

  1. Marie Rugg says:

    Great Grandpa,
    I never met you, but you are a hero to all of us. Your daughter Doris is the best grandmother anyone could ask for. Thank you for leaving us a legacy of bravery and service. You will not be forgotten.

  2. Shayla & Brianna G. says:

    You are our great-great grandpa. We never met you. Your daughter Doris is our favorite great-grandma. I have seen the pocket watch that you were wearing the day you were killed, that has the bullet hole through it. You were very brave and we are proud that you are our great-great grandpa. We are glad that there is a memorial that has your name so that everyone can remember you.
    Brianna and Shayla

  3. The Utah Peace Officer Association is going to be honoring Officer Willard Dahle at the Fallen Officer Trail Ride in Moab on April 18 2015. We would like to invite Family and friends to come to the event to help Honor Officer Dahle and all our Fallen Officers.

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