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Officer Thomas F. Griffiths

Died on June 25, 1913

Age 39
Salt Lake City Police Department
Homicide: Handgun

Officer Griffiths was shot and killed while pursuing a suspect on foot. The 39-year-old victim was summoned to a bar at approximately 250 W. 200 South by the victim of a razor attack. Officer Griffiths arrested the suspect. While being led to a nearby call box, the suspect broke away from Officer Griffiths and fled. Officer Griffiths pursued the suspect behind a business where he was shot three times. The suspect managed to elude officers until the following day when his hiding place was reported by a citizen. The suspect was shot and wounded during his arrest. He was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to prison. When the Utah Supreme Court ordered a new trial, the suspect pled guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1919, he escaped from a Spanish Fork Canyon work camp. He was never recaptured. Married and the father of six children, Officer Griffiths is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery. His bronze memorial plaque is sponsored by the Salt Lake City Honorary Colonels.

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3 responses to “Officer Thomas F. Griffiths”

  1. Jack Griffiths says:

    Your posterity remembers and loves you. You are one of our heros.

  2. He left a wife and six children. No benefits in that time. His great grandson, Cary Griffiths, is my dear friend. Mark Griffiths and Jodi Griffiths, too. Love to all of you.

  3. BL Smith says:

    Amazing how many people are affected by ones actions. I am so proud to be a member of the Utah Peace Officer Association which started the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial (we are located in the same building now)and recognize, each year, 14 (different) fallen officers. If anyone has contact information on relatives I am the keeper of fallen officer relative information so we can reach out to family/relative members when these events occur. I can be reached at

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