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SPECIAL REPORT: History of the Ride for the Fallen

Posted on May 10, 2008 by Administrator

It all started with a challenge; the mother of all relay races, known as Hood to Coast. From the top of Mt. Hood to the beach at Seaside, more than 12,000 runners and walkers test their physical endurance and mental spirit through 197 grueling miles. In 2007, a group of law enforcement officers and their family members decided to take up the challenge and run in the memory of The Fallen. Hoping to generate awareness, spur donations, and keep the memory of our fallen heroes alive inside each one of us, the group named themselves Shurtleff’s Cybercops and entered the race. 28 hours later, they completed their goal and donated their funds to the new memorial. It didn’t end there. The CyberCops continued to visit local businesses and spread the word about Utah’s peace officers’ sacrifice. A 5k run was sponsored and all those proceeds benefitted ULEM. Perhaps the most gratifying goal the CyberCops achieved was the initiation of the Ride 4 The Fallen. Open to all, the Fall Ride allows friends, family and supporters to dress up in their finest leathers, saddle up and ride in beatiful fall weather to remember our fallen officers. The first Ride was an overwhelming success and not only provided much needed support, but dollars for ULEM. What was first conceived as a one time event is now an annual occasion and will undoubtedly become a popular ride for any motorcycle enthusiast. If you would like to support Utah’s Fallen, and have a chance to win a Harley Davidson, visit www.unoa.org/utahsfallen.html and register today!


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  1. Brigitte Dawson says:

    We are working with Timpanogos Harley in Utah County to make our ride more and more successful each year – more fun, more attendance, etc. It is the only fundraiser for ULEM at this time. Even though the Memorial has been built, we still have special projects for our fallen officers, including adding headstones to at least eight gravesites where the fallen officer either never had a headstone or the marker deteriorated. In addition, we are adding an emblem to each headstone which does not indicate that the particular officer was killed in the line of duty. We also provide immediate funds to the families of the fallen officers to help them with some of their needs at the time of loss.

    This site as not been up very long, so hopefully we will get more responses, such as yours in the near future

    Thanks for checking it out.

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