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Ranger Rudolph E. Mellenthin

Died on August 23, 1918

Age 34
United States Forest Service
Homicide: Rifle

Ranger Mellenthin was shot and killed in the La Sal National Forest. The 34-year-old victim and two associates went to a sheep camp on Pine Bluff, a few miles north of La Sal, looking for an army deserter. Upon locating the suspect, Ranger Mellenthin informed him that he was under arrest. The suspect and a companion immediately fired on the posse, striking Ranger Mellenthin three times. Before dying, Ranger Mellenthin shot and wounded the deserter. The two surviving members of the posse retreated to La Sal where they summoned help. The wounded suspect and his companion were subsequently arrested and convicted of second-degree murder. The army deserter served six years before being paroled. The second suspect’s conviction was overturned by the Utah Supreme Court in 1920. Ranger Mellenthin was married and the father of children. He is buried in Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the Davis County Law Enforcement Administrators Association.

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5 responses to “Ranger Rudolph E. Mellenthin”

  1. Michael Rudolf Mellenthin says:

    Rest In Peace Grandad, your family will never forget you.

  2. Julie Lombard says:

    As an employee of the same and a fraternity sister, I’m thinking respectfully on this man’s sacrifice.

  3. Roger F. Mellenthin says:

    Thank you for your legacy

  4. Mitch Yeates says:

    strange to think my great great grandfather was a hero

  5. Scott Watson says:

    Ranger Mellenthin gave his life in the service of our country. His posterity can be proud of his service and know that their personal loss will not be forgotten.

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