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Detective Percy L. Clark

Died on January 11, 1973

Age 42
Salt Lake City Police Department
Homicide: Handgun

Detective Clark was shot and killed during an armed robbery. The 42-year-old victim and other officers were conducting a stakeout of a pharmacy located at 564 Third Avenue. Information from an informant had revealed that the pharmacy would be robbed. At approximately 2100, two suspects arrived and were in the process of robbing the pharmacist when the victim left a position of cover and moved closer to the doorway. As the suspects exited, Detective Clark called for their surrender. He was shot in the head with a 9mm handgun. The suspect who fired the shot was killed by return fire from other officers. The second suspect surrendered and was eventually committed to the State Hospital. Detective Clark was married and the father of seven children. He is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the Percy L. Clark family.

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11 responses to “Detective Percy L. Clark”

  1. kathy clark koester says:

    Dear Daddy,Other year has come. You have two new great grand-daughters. One being born on your birthday. The other just being born yesterday. We miss you daddy so much. Please watch over my Todd, I miss him so much. Love you forever, Kath

  2. Mike Reed says:

    I remember the day of January 11, 1973
    I was in school attending Viewmont High in Bountiful UT when a friend of mine asked me to go with him to SLC after school. Something told me not to go. Latter that night on the news I saw my friend and others and the seen on the news is etched in my mind. They picked him up hitch hiking. I will never forget that night. I could of been their.Since that time I have meet others that work with Percy and told me how great a man he was. This last week I lost a good friend Brian Harris a deputy for Kane County. Brian was shot and killed across the state line in Fredonia, AZ. My hart goes out to all who gave their life to protect others.

  3. kathy clark koester says:

    Daddy, you are so missed. I love you so much and miss you. What a great father you were. Love to you, love to my Todd. Lynn is a Detective in St. George, following in his grandpa’s foot prints, so very proud of him. January is here, not a good month. Miss and love you forever, Kath

  4. Dave Richardson says:

    Watching another fallen officers service today. Thinking about thirty nine years ago, was only eleven at the time remember very vividly for that age. A great man was taken that evening. I know personally how much he meant to my parents. Dad told me many times that PERC was his idol. To all his kids my cousins you know he’s always with you.

  5. Mike Reed says:

    I would like to thank you for talking with me the other day about your father. My god bless you and your family.

  6. Shannon Clark says:

    I love you grandpa, I wish you could meet your great-grandchildren. They know what a wonderful man you were.

  7. Kathy Clark Koester says:

    Oh dad it has been 43 yrs. I miss you so much. YOU ARE Forever Remember and loved Give my Todd a big hug and kiss for me.And give Rick a hug and a kiss for Rick…I’ll be seeing you when it my time but not yet. Luvs and Hugs to my hero. Forever love you .Kathy Clark KOESTER

  8. Judy Dencker Diamond says:

    Dear Percy – I want to thank you so much for coming with Jesus to see Duffy in the hospital in St. George in September, 2015. He was so thrilled to tell me that he had seen you and the Lord during the night, emphasizing that “it was not a dream” but very real. Your action that night gave Steve much comfort and I believe that you were there at the hospital in SL to take him home with you to the Lord. Now Michael is with you also. I hope that by now you all have had many, many meaningful and memorable times together.
    Peace to you all.

  9. Kathy Clark Koester says:

    I miss you dad. I miss my Todd. I miss you Mike. Miss you Rick. I miss you Al. Duffy Judy misses you. Luvs you all! Kath

    • Velda Young says:

      Dear Kathy,
      My husband, Carl Young, died five years ago. We have two slides that have your dad’s picture on them. They are very good pictures with him in his uniform. He was a very good friend of Perry Young, my husband’s brother. I would be glad to send these slides to you if you would like to have them.

  10. Robert Clark says:


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