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Officer Joseph Shinners

Died on January 5, 2019

Age 29
Provo Police Department
Homicide: Shooting.

On January 5, 2019, Provo and Orem Police Officers were arresting a dangerous fugitive, who had previously made threats towards police officers. During the arrest, Provo Police Officer Joseph Shinners was shot. Fellow officers transported Officer Shinners to the Utah Valley Hospital where he tragically succumbed to his injuries.

Officer Shinners served with the Provo Police Department for three years. He served as a patrol officer and was a SWAT team member and Field Training Officer. Provo Police Chief Ferguson posthumously promoted Officer Shinners to Master Officer.

Officer Shinners is survived by his wife and their young son. Officer Shinners comes from a public safety family as his father is a retired firefighter and his brother is a police officer.

Officer Shinners memorial plaque is sponsored by the Provo Police Department.

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8 responses to “Officer Joseph Shinners”

  1. James Peters says:

    So sorry to hear of Officer Shinners and this tragic incident! Our thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences go out to his wife, family, friends, and co-workers.

  2. Joyce Hicks says:

    What can be said to heal a wife and son’s broken heart; just know so very many others share your grief and loss. May the Lord bless you both and other family members with peace and love for one another.

  3. Officer Shinners was an awesome, sharp officer and we are brokenhearted. We remember him being a noble, kind, professional, and just an all around great friend. He was very excited about his sons birth and his family. He was very dedicated, very personable, and very passionate about law enforcement. He truly exemplified a model officer, father, and patriot.
    God Be With You All

  4. Freya Fitzpatrick says:

    Well done, good and faithful servant. Wishing strength and comfort for your family left behind. Thank-you for your service and your sacrifice.

  5. Bernie Worona says:

    My son is 29 and a Police Officer. My heart bleeds for you.

  6. John Duval says:

    Officer Shinners was one of the good police officers. Fair in administering justice, and impartial in his duties. He has been to my home to ticket one of my sons for an automobile accident. He was kind-hearted and fair. We talked with him a lot while locating the owner of the fence that my son crashed through. We repaired the ranchers fence, and followed up with Officer Shinners to assure him it was taken care of.

    And this is whacked: 6 of 145 of Utah’s fallen police officers were killed on January 5th which is my birthday. I owned and lived in the home of Utah Officer William Strong who was killed in 1899. Strange coincidences – there must be a sign or a meaning in this. My wife thinks that it is that I am to become a Utah police officer and that I will die in the line of duty. I can accept that, in the same way as I accepted the possible fate of death in service to my country in the Navy.

  7. Sally Sue Drewes says:

    I am so sorry for your husbands loss he was a brave man never forget him and his dedicated service may God be with your family this day and always❤❤❤

  8. Caleb Walker says:

    I knew Joseph Shinners as a missionary in El Salvador for the LDS Church in 2011. He was a great man and leader, and clearly communicated his genuine love and care for all mankind through his words and actions. Thank you Elder Shinner for giving everything for your fellow man. Thank you to his family for sharing him with us.

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