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Deputy Michael S. Welcker

Died on February 24, 1994

Age 38
Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Homicide: Handgun

Deputy Welcker was killed by a prison parolee wanted for questioning in an assault. Officers went to a Taylorsville apartment where they believed the man was hiding. As they attempted to pick the lock, the man fired through the door with a 9mm pistol. Deputy Welcker, 40, was struck outside the panel of his body armor and died a few minutes later. Sgt. Larry Marx was wounded but recovered. As officers returned fire, the suspect retreated to the rear of the apartment and committed suicide. Deputy Welcker was single and had been a police officer for five years.  He is buried in Valley View Memorial Park, Salt Lake County.  His bronze memorial plaque is sponsored by the citizens of Salt Lake County.

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7 responses to “Deputy Michael S. Welcker”

  1. sam says:

    I am sad to see there is no memories of Deputy welker on here
    I remember when this happened a very sad day to lose such a fine deputy
    this affected the sheriff’s office in more ways that i could ever type out
    I REMEMBER the sacrifice you made deputy welker, and am grateful that you served
    and protected the citizens of salt lake county until we meet again

  2. Kristine Welcker-Ciupek says:

    Thank you Sam for your kind comments and memories of my brother. This week, February 24th marks the 18th year of my brother’s passing. I remember his infectious smile and the wonderful way he had with young people. He spent some time as an officer in the schools at Kearns Jr High and Kearns High School and loved every minute. I have been privileged to hear many stories of lives he changed by being a fine representative of a public servant, a mentor and friend to these young people. I will miss my brother every day of my life but I will never forget him.

  3. Jill says:

    Kristine, I also remember his warm smile. He touched the lives of so many. The young people at Kearns and Cardon, but his friends as well. He was a great example of what a friend, brother, son and officer could be. Mike took his responsibilty to heart whether it was taking care of his family or friends or whatever job he was working on. He had a huge heart! His absence has left a large void in many peoples lives, especially mine. I am honored to have been his friend.

  4. Sheree Larsen says:

    My son, Shane, met Mike while Mike was working at Kearns High School. They became fast friends and continued to spend time together after Shane graduated. Shane adored him. I remember him coming to our home to visit with Shane and how nice and funny he was. When the news came on that Mike had been killed, he was absolutely crushed. Another officer who was a good friend to both Mike and Shane, came to our home to comfort him. I attended the funeral and burial with him. Such a sad, sad time. He was a wonderful man and wonderful friend.

  5. Jared Saunders says:

    I was a student at Kearns High School and I knew and admired Deputy Welker. He taught a very popular elective class on Law Enforcement that I had the privilege of attending. Deputy Welker was so engaged in his career in Law Enforcement. I know he inspired others to take that path. He was a very caring and conscientious person, a true role model. To Deputy Welker’s family and friends I wanted to leave this message to let you know that he is not, nor ever will be forgotten. I leave this remembrance on his wall of honor 23 years after he was called home. I have thought of him several times over these years including today. I have told my children his story and the impact he had on my life. They now know him as well. I know no other way to honor him but I will do my part to make sure he lives on in fond memory and admiration.

  6. Levi Hughes says:

    Officer Welcker, I’m honored to serve as the Chief of Police in the police station named after you. You would be very proud of the Officers who work here. We have all done our best to live up to the example you set as a Deputy.
    We will never forget your name or the sacrifice you gave.

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