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Sergeant Lauren E. Dow

Died on August 26, 1975

Age 27
Tooele County Sheriff’s Office
Accidental: Burns

Sergeant Dow was killed by a brush fire near Stockton. The 27-year-old victim and Tooele City Animal Control Officer Danny James were driving a vehicle near the 300-acre blaze when winds abruptly pushed the flames in their direction. Both men were overcome and died of their injuries. Sergeant Dow was married and the father of two children. He is buried in Tooele City Cemetery. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office.

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6 responses to “Sergeant Lauren E. Dow”

  1. Danny Wayne Dow says:

    Uncle Lauren;

    All boys grow up having a Hero they liked,
    Some were Professional Athletes, or Hollywood Types,
    But mine was different, from all that Fame,
    We had in common, the same last name,
    You were larger than life and stronger than strong,
    When others needed help, you came along,
    There have been so many stories, I have heard about you,
    It makes me believe, you are others Hero too,
    Thanx for keeping an eye on us, from up above,
    There are many times, we can feel your Love,
    You are gone, but not forgotten this I can explain,
    We have comfort in knowing, we will see you again.

    Danny Dow


  3. Stacy Dow says:

    Missing my Uncle Lauren!! He was a hero and will always be in my thoughts. Our family endured a tragic loss and he will always continue to live on through us!!

  4. Debbie Shubert McManaman says:

    I remember the day very vividly. My father was almost taken in that fire also. It went up over the top of him on the bulldozer. He ducked, covered and prayed. Lauren and Danny were not as lucky. They both were great, wonderful, trustworthy men, whom my father respected tremendously. I am truly grateful for all men and women who put their lives on the line, each and every day for our freedom, who many take for granted. Bless Lauren and Danny.

  5. Julie Dow Waggoner says:

    I lost a best friend, a role model, a confidant, a support person, a muscle man, a bail-me-out, kick-my-butt, and a hero the day we lost this amazing man. My heart stills aches when I think of him but I also have a smile on my face of all the wonderful precious memories. I love and miss you dearly Uncle Lauren.

  6. Ann Dow Morris says:

    Only being 4 at the time sadly I don’t have any memories of Uncle Lauren but have heard awesome stories and am so sad I didn’t get the chance to know him. We will always celebrate your life and very brave, ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Officer Dow!

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