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DONOR SPOTLIGHT- Naples Police Department

Posted on April 3, 2008 by Administrator

Not many folks outside the Uintah Basin know the town of Naples, and the denizens of those parts will readily tell you that should you blink more than once, you might miss it altogether. But what Naples might lack in square miles, they do not lack in heart. ULEM Board Member Jackie Guibord made a trip to talk with the small Naples Police Department about the new Memorial on Mar. 13th and found the 8 officers completing Taser training. Despite it being the end of their day, the officers stayed to listen to Jackie as she told them about the ULEM project and the fund-raising efforts and made comments that they as a department had been very lucky to claim no names on the Memorial. The discussion that followed is only known to the Naples officers, but ULEM understands it was brief. The result was that this tiny but dedicated group of law enforcement officers presented ULEM with a check for $1000.00. What a wonderful endorsement of their support for The Fallen, and ULEM thanks them. 


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