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Trooper Dennis L. Lund

Died on June 16, 1993

Age 37
Utah Highway Patrol
Homicide: Rifle

Trooper Lund was murdered by two teenage boys attempting to flee from a gas theft at Thompson Springs in Grand County. The 37-year-old victim was one of several officers in high-speed pursuit of the suspects on Interstate 70. While one suspect drove, the other fired at officers with a .22-caliber rifle.  Several miles west of Green River, Trooper Lund was struck in the left eye by a bullet that pierced his windshield. He managed to steer his patrol car safely off the freeway before succumbing to his wound. The two suspects were apprehended moments later when a tire on their vehicle was shot out by other officers. Both were convicted of murder remain incarcerated today. Trooper Lund left a wife and two children. He is buried in West Weber Cemetery.  His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the Utah Highway Patrol Association.

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12 responses to “Trooper Dennis L. Lund”

  1. Jake Lund says:

    Tooper Lund,
    many people say you were a great guy. i belive them your a lund and im proud to say im a lund so R.I.P. Tooper Lund You did great.


  2. Jared Lund says:

    Dear Dad
    There has been so much that i wish i could tell you every day but theres nothing you have not seen while looking over mom, Tina, and I that you dont already know. There isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about you and everything that you stood for you are the biggest inspiration for me to do good and i hope to honor the lund name when I graduate the police academy

    Love Jared

  3. Steve Holtkamp says:

    Hi Jared,
    My wife, Judy, and I were returning from Missouri to California several days before your posting. We stopped at a roadside viewpoint where there was a cross honoring your father. Judy’s maiden name is Lund and she is originally from nothern Utah. I took a picture and wanted to follow up on his history.
    I would be glad to send you the photo if you like. I think your father would be very proud of his legacy.
    Good luck at the Academy.

  4. Heather Cooper says:

    Uncle Dee,
    Hard to believe it’s been so long. So much has changed, but yet so much is still the same.
    Miss you every day.
    Love you very much.

    One of your ‘grills’

  5. Nicole Kirkpatrick says:

    Dear Uncle Dee,
    I wish you could be here to chase the little one’s in the family like you used to do to us. That is one of the memories I can remember of you because I was so young when all this happened. Miss you all the time! Keep an eye out for all of us! (and thanks to you and all the others up there for watching out for my mom over the holiday’s so she could stay with us) Love You!!

  6. Ilene Cooper Crowell says:

    Today I put your story on I can’t change the past but I’m making sure when I’m gone that you are not forgotten. I love you so much you were a true friend & brother. It’s on my mind how the last time I road with you we talked about how you had just taken out your life insurance policy. I had recently survived nearly dying & we talked about our loved ones being okay after we were gone. I’m headed for life threatening surgery again and hoping the 3rd time won’t take me. I’m leaving as much of my knowledge behind just in case. In the last month I’ve proven my dads birth line and putting as mush on line as I can for those that live after us so they don’t have to spend 30 years searching for it as I have. I’m so grateful for the talents I’ve learned doing Real Estate to be able to do so many things that have helped me with family history. If not for my beautiful daughter Christine (we don’t call her Chrissy anymore) I wouldn’t of ever done Real Estate. I’ve realized we’re much like our ancestors that were in the Willie Handcart Company & the ones that are early Pilgrims to this land that we have forgotten. I don’t want our stories lost as theirs were. We as a family have traveled through many very tuff challenges and been faithful & should be remembered too. I just had to talk to you please be there for me again during theses challenges. I love and miss you. Kiss Dad & Allen & Lyle for me.

  7. Gary Hardinger says:

    Dee……. Miss you my Great Friend…. from the old days in Magna…… Gary

  8. James Peters says:

    I have been to the memorial site several times along I-70 near Green River. I do remember reading about this senseless tragedy, and have been moved by the wonderful and great memories posted of Officer Lund. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the Lunds even to this day.

  9. Ilene Cooper Crowell says:

    Trying to get another license plate to honor you on Scott’s big white truck and this popped up. Miss you Dee and always will. We bought a Mustang after I organized the rally and had your car lead with your family in it we just wanted one of our own. Wish you could ride in her she’s a 1967 & pretty we just got a new paint job on her. I’ll take you with us in my heart. Love, Neli

  10. Harriet says:

    Drove past today. I didn’t know Trooper Lund or his family, but even as a stranger, I do appreciate the sacrifice he made.

  11. Clark L Lund says:

    Well Dee,
    It been awhile hasn’t it. I am just thinking about it again. I have 8 days left to retire again. I am taking you with me for good. Thanks for being there when I need a little more help with the crooks.


  12. Jason says:

    I was just told about this story by his brother today. It impacted me as he told me about that day. I looked into it and found this site. Dee, gave his life for his God and country. I never knew him but there are not many in the world who would put their life on the line and choose a profession to protect others. He did…and paid the ultimate sacrifice. I am grateful to his service! May God bless his family.

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