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Sheriff Dale E. Nelson

Died on September 8, 1980

Age 51
Beaver County Sheriff’s Office
Accidental: Drowning/Suffocation

Sheriff Nelson lost his life while attempting a rescue. The 51-year-old victim responded to an ambulance call at a dairy farm located two miles west of Beaver, where two men had been overcome by methane fumes inside a concrete manure tank. As he attempted to reach the two victims in the tank, he also was overcome by the fumes. All three men died, and a fourth man was injured. Sheriff Nelson was married and the father of three children. His buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Beaver. His bronze memorial plaque is sponsored by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office.

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4 responses to “Sheriff Dale E. Nelson”

  1. Tammy Ann Nelson Lander says:

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. You were taken at such a hard time in your
    Childrens lives. Mom was hit the hardest….she was soooo lost without you. She was taken advantage of
    By less than honest swindlers who wanted nothing more than money….it pretty much devastated mom. I
    Don’t know what happened to dads military retirement from the Air Force, it just stopped being paid. I
    would like to know why and who decided to deny you that support that your family desperately need to make
    ends meet. The pain it has caused mom is horrific. Me an Jill have helped her the best we can. Tim has
    failed at everything he has done. He has also managed to make everyone who is close, be driven away by
    selfish and unlawful acts.
    I miss you dad…I want and need you to see your grandsons and granddaughters. A part of me died that awful
    Day…I know I will never get it back. I hope someone sees this and can help my mother to be able to draw my
    Fathers US Air Force retirement. PLEASE HELP or if you know someone who can. My father was a hero that
    Does not deserve to have his family treated in such a manner.

    Thank you,
    Tammy Lander

    • Lisa Hendrickson says:

      Hi Tammy,
      I do not know your situation now, but I know someone who got the Air Force to help their brother who was a veteran but never claimed it. Reply back if you still need this link.

  2. Lou Ann Hinrichs says:

    What a HERO… RIP Sheriff Nelson..

  3. Kathy Boyter says:

    I Just remember as a small child, all of our parents coming together at the old hotel then next thing I knew were the services. Tammy I am so sorry for all your wrongs. But I am happy you were blessed with such a wonderful angel guide in this life and you will all be together again one day. Love you Tammy

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