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Officer Jared D. Francom

1.05.2012 | 15 Comments

Age: 30 Ogden Police Department Homicide: Shooting Officer Jared D. Francom was shot and killed while serving a “knock and announce” search warrant in the Ogden area. Five other members of the fo... Read More »

Deputy Brian B. Harris

8.27.2010 | 8 Comments

Age: 41 Kane County Sheriff’s Office Homicide: Shooting Deputy Brian B. Harris was shot and killed while tracking a burglary suspect in the desert near Fredonia, Arizona. Deputy Harris had begun a... Read More »

Officer Joshua Yazzie

6.08.2010 | 21 Comments

Age: 33 Bureau of Indian Affairs Accidental: Vehicle Accident Officer Yazzie, 33, died when his patrol vehicle rolled 200 feet down an embankment on the side of Bottle Hollow Dam on the Ute Tribe... Read More »

Sergeant Franco R. Aguilar

4.30.2010 | 10 Comments

Age: 36 Sevier County Sheriff's Office Accident Sergeant Franco R. Aguilar died instantly as the result of a fall from a freeway overpass. The 36-year-old victim had responded to the scene of a o... Read More »

Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox

1.05.2010 | 15 Comments

Millard County Sheriff's Office Homicide: Shooting Deputy Fox was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Highway 50, one mile east of Delta. The 37-year-old victim had stopped a vehicle and was ... Read More »

Officer Charles B. Skinner

7.30.2009 | 4 Comments

North Salt Lake Police Department Accidental: Single Vehicle Accident Officer Skinner died of injuries suffered while responding to a call for assistance from another agency pursuing a stolen car.... Read More »

Officer Stephen R. Anderson

7.30.2009 | 6 Comments

Department of Corrections Homicide: Handgun Officer Anderson, 60, was murdered by a Utah State Prison inmate he was escorting to the University Hospital’s orthopedic clinic in Salt Lake City. Wh... Read More »

Detective Kevin S. Orr

7.30.2009 | 7 Comments

Age 34 Uintah County Sheriff's Office Accidental: Aircraft Detective Orr died from injuries received in the crash of a helicopter during a search and rescue operation. On Nov. 21, the 35-year-old... Read More »

Officer Jon C. Draper

7.30.2009 | 5 Comments

Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Accidental: Medical Officer Draper died while conducting a routine check of wildlife traps in Straight Canyon, near Orangeville. When the 40-year-old victim f... Read More »

Deputy Jeremiah K. Johnson

7.30.2009 | 2 Comments

Age 30 Emery County Sheriff's Office Accidental: Multiple Vehicle Accident Deputy Johnson was killed in a traffic crash near Castle Dale. The 30-year-old victim was finishing an overnight shift w... Read More »

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