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Deputy Carlos M. Hall

Died on August 20, 1965

Age 55
San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
Accidental: Medical

Deputy Hall was on duty and alone at the county holding cell in Bluff when an altercation with two intoxicated females occurred. According to witnesses, the 55-year-old victim struggled with the suspects for several minutes. Deputy Hall suffered minor injuries during the incident and was forced to sit for a time in order to recover. The victim then drove from the jail to his home, approximately half a block away. Upon arrival, he asked his wife to summon the ambulance. Deputy Hall suffered chest pains followed by a massive heart attack. Attempts to revive him during the ambulance run from Bluff to Monticello were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at San Juan County Hospital. Deputy Hall was married and the father of eight children. He is buried in Dove Creek Cemetery, Colorado. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies.

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4 responses to “Deputy Carlos M. Hall”

  1. Deputy Hall is my grand father, on 100910 his loving wife “Wendy” Hall passed on, now they are finally reunited again. I will miss her but I am glad she is with him.

    I remember her telling me about her “ride alongs” with him. On more than one traffic stop/contact she would be his back up, covering him with his shotgun while he approached the vehicle or suspicious person (back up was upto an hour away). She told the story with pride implying it was her duty. I suspect this played a major role in me choosing the same career path.

    What was even more sad about Grandpa (Deputy) Hall’s death. Was the fact his family was denied survivor benefits. San Juan County held a special vote to pay out the remainder of his pay period (couple of days). The death was not concidered a line of duty death until nearly 40 years later. Once he was finally recognized, Grandma Hall was told his body would have to be exhumed and an autopsy be performed (in order to receive benefits). My Grandma declined on the grounds that she didn’t want his remains disturbed. It’s a sad way to treat a hero and his family.

  2. Chip Hall says:

    Raymond, I am the Grandson of Victor Hall, his brother. I recently took a road trip with my Grandmother and was asking about his life and the topic of his Brothers came up. She relayed to me a similar story about how when Uncle Carlos would go on a call more dangerous than others he would often call up my Grandfather to go on a ride along with him for backup. I thought it neat and appropriate to add here given your Mothers experience.

    • Bob Dalton says:

      I served as a Deputy with Carlos, and often rode together in the same patrol vehicle. He was honest, straight forward, had an unbelievable sense of humor and when we would encounter something unusual he was funny as Hell. I really admired and liked old Carlos.

      • Raymond Johnson says:

        Thank you for your service Mr. Dalton. The job Can be a thankless one to say the least. I never got the honor of meeting him, he died 2 years before I was born. I just recently retired from law enforcement and can truly appreciate a good partner. I hope you you are well sir, stay safe.

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