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Deputy Brian B. Harris

Died on August 26, 2010

Age: 41
Kane County Sheriff’s Office
Homicide: Shooting

Deputy Brian B. Harris was shot and killed while tracking a burglary suspect in the desert near Fredonia, Arizona.

Deputy Harris had begun a foot pursuit of the man in Kane County, but the man fled across the border into Arizona. As Deputy Harris tracked the man’s movements he was ambushed and fatally struck by rifle fire.

A large manhunt was initiated during which the suspect exchanged fire with other officers multiple times. The suspect, who was familiar with the desert area, managed to elude officers for several days before being captured. In 2012, he pled guilty to murder charges and is currently incarcerated in Arizona.

Deputy Harris is survived by his wife and two daughters.

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8 responses to “Deputy Brian B. Harris”

  1. Mike Reed says:

    Brian will be missed by so many. A Giant among men. A friend that lived his life in the service of his community. You have been called for a greater service at this time.

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  4. […] there are two unsponsored bronze name plaques: Franco R. Aguilar and Brian B. Harris. […]

  5. Nancy Halden says:

    We will be honoring Deputy Harris and other victims of Utah gun violence at a Vigil to End Gun Violence on Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 7-8 pm at All Saints Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City. Families are welcome to attend.

  6. BL Smith says:

    I am so proud to be a member of the Utah Peace Officer Association which started the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial. Both are proud members of Utah’s Law Enforcement Community. The UPOA recognizes, each year, 14 (different) fallen officers. If anyone has contact information on relatives I am the keeper of fallen officer relative information. When events come up that honor our fallen officers we reach out to family/relative members when these events occur. I can be reached at

  7. peter harris says:

    family love to you distant cousin

    from one harris family to another!

    my 14th great grandparents

    sir john arthur harris

    johanna percy

    they are your 12th great grandparents

    my harris’ branched off to essex
    where yours branched off to gloucestershire

    my heart aches with all who miss you

    I am a proud harris!

    you are the only family relation
    be it a distant relaton, but family none the less!
    so far that I know of who was in police force

    family love to all the utah harris’ !

  8. peter harris says:

    I love seeing a Harris doing good!

    but I cannot stand to see a Harris up and dead too soon

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