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Deputy Alma P. Sorensen

Died on August 27, 1959

Age 54
Cache County Sheriff’s Office
Accidental: Multiple Vehicle Accident

Deputy Sorensen, 54, and Logan Officer Edwards, 26, were transporting four juvenile offenders to the state industrial school in Ogden from Logan. Approximately seven miles north of Ogden on Highway 89-91, the police vehicle veered suddenly into the oncoming lane and collided with a second vehicle. Both officers and two of the juveniles were killed. The driver of the second car was seriously injured. Investigators later determined that one of the juveniles slipped his handcuffs and attempted to seize Deputy Sorensen’s sidearm. During the struggle, Deputy Sorensen lost control of the vehicle. Deputy Sorensen was married and the father of four children. He is buried in Hyrum City Cemetery. His bronze name plaque is sponsored by Cache County S.O. and the Cache County Deputies Association.

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  1. […] Edwards, 26, and Cache County Deputy Alma P. Sorensen were killed in a head-on traffic crash. The two officers were transporting four juvenile offenders […]

  2. Margaret S. Jones says:

    The cause was Vehicle Assault in Washington D.C. Why not here? No cages back then and they did the juveniles a favor because they knew them. Officer error to a point but VEHICLE ASSAULT.

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