8th Annual Ride for Fallen Officers on Sunday, August 17, 2014

Posted on July 3, 2014 by Administrator

2014-RIDE-FOR-FALLEN-OFFICER-WEB-LOGO-TSHIRTSThank you for your interest in the 8th annual Ride for Fallen Officers, which will be held Sunday, August 17, 2014. Pre-Registration is closed however you can still register in person on the day of the ride.

You will complete and sign a Release and Discharge form on the day of the event. You will receive your ride pin or patch upon final registration, which will take place Sunday, August 17, 2014 from 7AM to 10AM at Timpanogos Harley Davidson in Lindon (map). NOTE: The time is one hour earlier due to the heat we have encountered in past rides.

Please bring a printout of your purchase to the final registration. The ride will start at 10AM. Please note that limited edition T-shirts and ride patches will also be available for sale at Timpagonos Harley Davidson. After making your selection(s), you will be taken to a secure server where you will be able to enter your credit card information. Your transaction will be confirmed by e-mail.

Also note you can still purchase ride memorabilia from past years by going to our online store.

To view the map route, please click here.

  • From Timpanogos H-D
  • Geneva Road to Main St
  • Right on Center St
  • Left on 100 East, which turns into SR 146/Canyon Road
  • Left on SR 92
  • Right on Highland Blvd, which eventually turns into Sun Crest Dr
  • Right on Traverse Ridge Rd to Bangerter
  • Right on 150 East
  • Left on 13200 South
  • Right on Minuteman Drive to Factory Outlet Drive to State St.
  • State St all the way to the State Capitol
As a 501(c)(3) public charity, contributions to the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial (“ULEM”) are deductible for federal income tax purposes as provided under the Internal Revenue Code. Your registration is believed to be a deductible contribution to ULEM, in whole or in part.  Of course, a donor should consult his or her own tax advisor regarding the deductibility of a charitable contribution. Contributions are reduced by the value of any goods or services provided in connection with the donation.  ULEM estimates the value of goods and services provided with the registration is $5.00.

Make sure you enter for a chance to win a 2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 833N Iron 883. For any donation of $25 or more you will receive an entry in our drawing. However, NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY to be entered in the drawing. For an alternate entry send us your full name, address, and phone number together with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and mail it to ULEM, 5671 South Redwood Rd., #19, Taylorsville, UT 84123. “No Purchase Necessary” entries must be received no later than 5PM (Mountain Standard Time), August 14, 2014 to be included in the drawing. Requests accepted from Utah State residents 18 years or older, one per household. The winner of the Harley Davidson authorizes the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Inc. to use his or her likeness on our website and social media sites for promotional purposes.

This blacked-out bruiser is a raw, aggressive throwback. No chrome, no apologies–just an authentic ride. It has the drag style handlebars, classic peanut style fuel tank, self-cancelling turn signals so you can concentrate on the road and not the blinkers. From the low seat height and the slammed suspension to the Michelin Scorcher tires you will be able to maintain control over the Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 model.



31 responses to “8th Annual Ride for Fallen Officers on Sunday, August 17, 2014”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    I did not print out a copy of my receipt for registering earlier, can you send me a copy? Thanks, Steven G. Smith.

  2. Administrator says:

    Steve, check your e-mail. We have sent another copy.

  3. Debbie Rowland says:

    did not receive email of receipt. would you send me one.
    thank you

  4. Administrator says:

    Deb, check your e-mail as well. We’ve sent another copy. Your e-mail address on your order is different than your e-mail address for your comment.

    All, please check to see if the e-mail is in your SPAM or JUNK folders. It is possible your e-mail provider has placed them there.

  5. Jeffree says:

    I have never participated in something like this but would love the opportunity to. Upon reaching SLC what happens after that? Is there some sort of program or lunch or something? Do we all ride back together?


    • Steve Smith says:


      Yes, we all ride together, where do you live? I have gone several years and it is a great opportunity if you would like to ride this year. I don’t mind meeting you at the HD shop and we could ride together. Usually I ride with a couple of people but they can’t go this year.


  6. Anastacia Lazowski says:

    I just printed my confirmation from our registration on July 7th and it says for the 2013 ride, is this going to be a problem?

  7. Administrator says:

    Anastacia, this was an error on our part and we know that there was a problem with some of the first few orders showing the wrong year. Rest assured that we know you will be riding this year.

  8. Becky says:

    Are we suppose to have a Release and Discharge form to take with us? We were told we would receive on via email after pre-registering, but have neveer seen one.

  9. Administrator says:

    Becky, the Release and Discharge form will be provided to you on the day of the ride. We had originally meant to e-mail or provide it for download, but some changes are in the works on the form. I apologize that this wasn’t made clearer when we started taking registrations this year.

  10. Danny Driggs says:

    I have never participated in something like this but would love the opportunity to. Upon reaching SLC what happens after that? Is there some sort of program or lunch or something? Do we all ride back together?

    Jeffree, Danny Driggs from the ULEM Executive Board here. First, we look forward to seeing you on the ride and thank you for your support of the Memorial. Prior to the ride there is a lot of time spent socializing and eating a pancake breakfast that is included with your ride ticket.

    It sounds like Steve Smith is looking for someone to ride with. To keep your contact info private feel free to each send me an e-mail at ddriggs@gmail.com with contact info and I will get to each of you out of the public eye. (add a subject of “ULEM Ride Contact info” so I can find it easily.) If you When you get to Timp Harley and have questions find a board member. We will be wearing yellow ride shirts to stand out from the crowd. I will most likely be greeting at the front door. Once at the Memorial there will be a small ceremony with some speakers and Honor Guard presentations. Once the ceremony is over the ride is officially finished. There are groups that go out to eat afterwards and travel back together however, there are no further official ride items.

  11. Becky says:

    If we entered the drawing for the bike, will we receive anything other than a receipt for it?

  12. Danny Driggs says:

    Janet calls every person that orders to see what their preference is between us filling out the
    ticket(s) for them and sending the stub via mail or them picking up their ticket(s)at the ride and doing that part themselves.

    If you haven’t heard from Janet yet you will soon . Any tickets purchased this week by people attending the ride will be given to them at the ride. Any tickets not picked up at the ride will be entered into the drawing by the ULEM Executive Board members. If you aren’t attending the ride and want your stubs mention it to Janet when she calls.

  13. Karl Miller says:

    Are we able to register at timp Harley the day of the ride?

  14. Danny Driggs says:

    Yes, registration starts at 0700 and goes until 1000.

  15. Dale Maxfield says:

    Is the release and discharge form the same as last year? https://www.utahsfallen.org/wp-content/uploads/release/release.pdf Or do we need to get a new one at Timp Harley?

  16. Administrator says:

    Dale, new forms will be distributed on the day of the event. Please do not use the form from last year.

  17. Dean Earl says:

    I went on this ride two years ago. It was one of the best rides I have ever been on. Really glad I could go on it this year!!!!!!!!!!

  18. E.S. says:

    I have never participated but I would love to go tomorrow..Any special requirements?
    Can I just show up tomorrow before 10 and ride? Do I have to register before?
    Thank you

    • Danny Driggs says:

      E.S. You can pre-register up until noon today. It has it’s benefits. You can also register at the ride tomorrow. Registration comes with breakfast so if you want that come earlier so you have time.

  19. E.S. says:

    I need a partner to go with and I live in Taylorsville

  20. Dean Earl says:

    I will ride with you if you would like?

  21. Dean Earl says:

    I live in orem but I will be there at 7:00. E.S.

  22. Dean Earl says:

    Steve Smith, I would like to ride along with the two of you and E.S. if you all don’t mind?

  23. Larry Royal says:

    I live in Taylorsville as well (Just north of the SLCC campus). I plan on leaving about 0615-0630. You are more than welcome (as are any others leaving from the T-Ville area) to ride down with me. Please contact me at diablo@diablocomputers.us and we can make the arrangements.

  24. E.S. says:

    I don’t mind at all. I’m excited to meet all of you.
    Do we need to exchange emails or phone numbers so we can stay in touch or meet up somewhere?

  25. Dean Earl says:

    E.S That would be cool. Are you on Facebook? Or you can E-mail me at dean.earl@sunproductscorp.com if you want. If you are on Facebook look me up. You will see a picture of my bike as my photo.

  26. E.S. says:

    I just emailed you my contact info. Thank you

  27. Patrick Webster says:

    The ride, as always, was amazing. You guys do such an great job. I do have one concern. The patches and pins in the past have been beautifully designed. This year the focus was turned upside down. It has been the Ride for the Fallen in big letters, Timpanogos Harley Davidson much smaller. This year’s design was an obvious ad for HD (who admittedly has done much for the ride). Hopefully next year will again put the emphasis where it belongs. On the Fallen.

  28. Jeffree says:

    Do you have a date for this year’s ride?

  29. Administrator says:

    Jeffree, the date is Sunday, August 16, 2015.

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