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10th Annual Ride for Fallen Officers on Sunday, August 21, 2016

Posted on July 21, 2016 by Administrator

2016 Harley
The Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Board appreciates everyone’s support of the 10th Annual Ride for Fallen Officers. Our decision to take the ride off of State Street was unpopular with the riders and ultimately created more problems than it solved.

In the future we plan on returning the Ride for Fallen Officers back to the State Street route. Again, thank you all for your continued support and for your feedback.

Thank you for your interest in the 10th annual Ride for Fallen Officers, which will be held Sunday, August 21, 2016. Pre-registration is OVER!

Please complete and sign this Release and Discharge form and bring it with you on the day of the event. You will receive your pre-purchased ride merchandise at the pre-registration booth outside of the front doors on Sunday, August 21, 2016 from 7AM to 10AM at Timpanogos Harley Davidson in Lindon (map). The first 200 pre-registered riders will receive a $10 gift certificate to Wingers, compliments of TGI Friday’s and Wingers. Passenger pre-registration is not eligible for gift certificates. NOTE: The time is one hour earlier due to the heat we have encountered in past rides.

Please bring a printout of your purchase to the final registration. The ride will start at 10AM. Please note that limited edition T-shirts, extra pins, and ride patches will also be available for sale at Timpagonos Harley Davidson or as part of your pre-registration online. Your transaction will be confirmed by e-mail.

Pre-registration will close Friday, August 19, 2016. Ride merchandise can be bought up to midnight, Sunday, August 14, 2o16.

Any ride merchandise not picked up at the ride will be subject to an additional shipping fee.

To view the map route or to send it to your phone, please click here.

  • From Timpanogos H-D
  • Head North on Geneva Road to Main St
  • Right on Center St
  • Left on 100 East, which turns into SR 146/Canyon Road
  • Left on SR 92
  • Right on Highland Blvd, which eventually turns into Sun Crest Dr
  • Right on Traverse Ridge Rd to Bangerter
  • Continue on 150 East
  • Merge on to I-15 Northbound
  • Exit onto the 600 South exit
  • Merge into the left two lanes.
  • Turn left onto state.
  • State St all the way to the State Capitol
As a 501(c)(3) public charity, contributions to the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial (“ULEM”) are deductible for federal income tax purposes as provided under the Internal Revenue Code. Your registration is believed to be a deductible contribution to ULEM, in whole or in part.  Of course, a donor should consult his or her own tax adviser regarding the deductibility of a charitable contribution. Contributions are reduced by the value of any goods or services provided in connection with the donation.  ULEM estimates the value of goods and services provided with the registration is $5.00.

No purchase necessary to be entered in the drawing. For an alternate entry send us your full name, address, and phone number together with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and mail it to ULEM, 5671 South Redwood Rd., #19, Taylorsville, UT 84123. “No Purchase Necessary” entries must be received no later than 5PM (Mountain Standard Time), August 8, 2016 to be included in the drawing. Requests accepted from Utah State residents 18 years or older, one per household. The winner of the Harley Davidson authorizes the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Inc. to use his or her likeness on our website and social media sites for promotional purposes.


63 responses to “10th Annual Ride for Fallen Officers on Sunday, August 21, 2016”

  1. Jeff Hofstetter says:

    When will registration open?

  2. Stacia Lazowski says:

    There is a flyer going around Facebook that pre-registration is available but I am not finding that it is. When will it be?

  3. Danny Driggs says:

    I haven’t seen a flyer myself. It will be up this next week. We are waiting on final wording for the ride waiver from our attorney and it will be put on our web page, post haste, after we get it from him. ~ Danny Driggs

  4. Administrator says:

    Pre-registration is available now!

  5. Jim Prior says:


    Your right registration appears to be available, but when attempting to register as a “”Rider” you are not able to select this option to register thereby not being able to proceed. You are told that this option is “Out of Stock”. You are however apparently able to order items from the store. I’ve tried to use IE, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Please fix. Thank you

  6. Administrator says:

    Jim, thank you for catching the error! It should be fixed now. Have fun on the ride!

  7. Neomi Dyal says:

    Can you please verify my registration?

    You should have gotten a receipt from a square@utahsfallen.org. Check your spam folder.
    Danny Driggs

  8. Danny Driggs says:

    Neomi, You should have gotten a receipt from a square@utahsfallen.org. Check your spam folder.

  9. Raymond Shepherd says:

    I don’t own a computer or printer anymore so I can’t print out the registration or waiver. What’s your thoughts?

  10. Prophet says:

    Is this ride a free for all “group” ride or structured with blockers and such?

  11. Danny Driggs says:

    It is structured ride.

  12. Patty Reed says:

    Raymond, sorry it took so long to get back to you. If you want to preregister, just add a note on your order that says you can’t print the release and you can do that the day of the ride. We’ll print it for you and have it with your swag bag – ready to sing. Or, you can just register the day of the ride.

  13. Patty Reed says:

    Sorry Raymond. Sign, not sing 🙂

  14. Chris says:

    Why is it being on I-15 again??? It was dangerous having so many motorcycles on the freeway. Apparently, you haven’t heard about all the complaints/grumbles from several of us at the end of this ride (a few years ago).

  15. Nick says:

    Why is this on I-15? Are you guys nuts? The ride will be too dangerous and over too quick. Cruising state is much safer and more fun. Hope you will change the route. We support this organization, so please listen to the riders.

  16. jennie tsutsui says:

    The last ride that was on I-15 was very dangerous. Too many bikes at high speeds with no control over the other traffic. Love to support the cause, but we don’t need to put that many lives in danger on I-15.

  17. Chad says:

    Really the route is changed? What is going on, there are 9 of us that were in for the ride but now seriously looking at going on our own. This has been a great ride for us the last couple of years, and always support the cause. Hope you can change the route……. I-15 is no Bueno!!!!!

  18. Richard says:

    I-15??? Really? Why would you do this? Whats wrong with you people? Such a good cause, and if someone gets hurt can you imagine the bad press.. This is such a joke now. What a terrible idea. Please change the route back to State St and keep it FUN and SAFE! We don’t need wrecks and problems hurting this great cause.. Have you not learned from years past?

  19. Mike says:

    I-15 Really not a good idea Hope you will change the route

  20. Harvey Larson says:

    This is totally awesome – I am not rider myself – but, I will look forward to cheering you all on and waving to you all on the hill at Jordan high School that morning.

  21. Dave says:

    Please keep us off I-15 ! State St much safer and much more enjoyable ride!

  22. Jerry Huber Jr says:

    I just want to add that last years ride down State Street was great. Yes, we shut down traffic trying to cross State Street for upwards of 1/2 hour, but seeing that many bikes in front of you and behind you way up on the “cool factor”, and really how much traffic is there on a Sunday afternoon?

  23. Wayne says:

    I-15 is bad planning. First it’s not safe with all the bikes and the group will get completely separated witch causes others to speed around traffic trying to “catch up” among other things. Have heard grumblings from others that they are thinking of not attending or won’t attend due to the route.

  24. Earl Stevens says:

    Why I-15 instead of State Street as in the past? Many people come to State Street to watch the “parade”, including my grandkids. IT’s a good way to publicize the ride. Also, seems safer than the freeway with such a large group.

  25. Dave Nuttall says:

    Although I am not a member of law enforcement, I know that this cause is very important to thousands of riders every year. The Fallen Officers memorial ride is supposed to be a great way for the public to see the massive support for our men and women in blue who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This ride is not simply about getting from point A to point B, it is about showing that we as a community, appreciate and care for our law enforcement officers and recognize their daily sacrifices within out communities and our state. Taking it off of the surface streets and moving it to the freeway greatly reduces that public visibility and acknowledgment of our Fallen Heroes. Although blocking traffic is not something that should ever be taken lightly, many of us believe that this cause would be appropriate and the rumble down the heart of our city streets, complete with all of the pomp and parade feeling, causes onlookers to stop and consider that sacrifice, even for a moment. In our current climate of anti-police sentiment, positive support is vital and as riders, we are prepared to show that support and remind our communities that this job is needed and that these officers, both Fallen and Alive, MATTER and we need them! Please put this ride back in the public view on State Street and allow us the honor of showing our support and respect to Utah’s Fallen Officers.

  26. Johnny Cash says:

    Don’t take your bike on the freeway son, leave your bike on state street Bill, don’t take your bike on the freeway

  27. Will says:

    Please re-route to State Street. I understand that some drivers get upset about the delay, but this is about more than their inconvenience. This is about the sacrifice of brave officers, two of whom were good friends of mine. This ride is for a good cause, and ensuring safety and the happiness of the riders and contributors should be of the utmost importance, not kowtowing to whiney crybabies who will complain about anything, anyway.
    Everything should be done to keep the support and good wishes of all the riders who make this such a fantastic event every year.

  28. Harvey Larson says:

    I was so looking forward to seeing all the bikers on State Street and doing my way of supporting as I am not a biker. This has been an amazing thing and to be able to view it has been even more so. But, now I will not be able to going down I-15 – I don’t even like driving I-15 as I go to work – why would you make this ride go down I-15 instead of State Street and the safety and the visibility of all of us to view. The public will get over being held up if traffic. Not that there will be a ton out on a Sunday morning anyway. Now I will not be either – as I will not get to see this great thing and support my friends and support the amazing officers we have lost and support the ones we have protecting us today. Take the time to let us offer our support and enjoy this great ride one way or another.

  29. Brandon says:

    Please use state street! More riders more exposure and it’s much SAFER!

  30. Nick says:

    Riders are showing out of stock again, been that way all day.

  31. Mike says:

    I’m with everyone else on the freeway being a bad idea. There have been bikes go down in the past, but because we were on State Street going at much slower speeds, there were no serious injuries. I would hate to see what happens if someone goes down on the freeway. The Fire Ride in September hits the freeway for a few miles and that’s always the scary part of that ride.

  32. Patrick says:

    My brother was involved in a group ride in Idaho that used the freeway. It resulted in a fatality. He is retired law enforcement so I will support the ride by starting out with the group but when it joins I-15 I’m heading home.

  33. Pat says:

    There are about 12 on ramp/off ramp intersections on the free way. Is there going to be a procedure for traffic needing to exit through our riders or traffic entering the freeway merging with our riders? I’m a bit worried.

  34. Bob says:

    Well we just looked at the route, what a shame. Our whole group is dropping out, sorry but you took the fun out of the ride. We really enjoyed going down State street with all the people watching and waving to us, it was a great rush. We are all retired military so we love to show our support and the ride was a way for us to do so. We deck out our bikes with flags and such, it was almost a parade for us. We will donate and show our support in other ways.

  35. ULEM says:

    Some questions have been raised about the route change from driving on State Street to I15. The questions center on safety, which is precisely why the route was changed this year. The drive on State Street was difficult to ensure participant safety due to the need to close down all intersections, parking lots, and side streets. Trying to do so contributed to a yo-yo effect for the motorcycle particpants, wherein riders would be forced to stop and then speed up to catch up.

    By moving part of the route to I15 we hope to drastically cut down on the yo-yo effect and create a safer ride. The I15 route will be conducted in the slow lane(s) and will be below freeway speeds. The target speed for this route is 45 mph. In addition to eliminating the yo-yo effect, it should eliminate most intersection, parking lot, and side street merging into the procession.

  36. Cory says:

    It is sad we are not riding state street. I hope some one sees the general feeling and takes the feedback. There is a much better experience for the riders and passengers when we follow the old route.

  37. Ruth says:

    To the biker I cut off today. 🙁 I am the red head lady in the ginormous white van who cut you off today in route to Cedar Hills. I wanted to apologize. I had been waiting to get on that road, in two different locations, for 25min. and my impatience got the better of me. We (my family – 6 kids under the age of 9, including a hungry 6 week old) were on our way to see our nephew before he flies to Africa for two years and I didn’t want to miss saying goodbye. I have a hot temper sometimes and I apologize. I think normally we would be good friends. At any other moment my family and I would have waved flags and cheered you all on. It was really cool to watch.

    Anyways, when you pulled up along side my van and called out to me, I didn’t look over. My husband told me bikers “could be dangerous” :D. So, anyways, hopefully you get to read this and know that I’m sorry and I really do think we could be friends under normal circumstances. I am so sorry. I hope you had a great ride.


  38. Conor says:

    When is the giveaway drawing?

  39. Turtle says:

    The freeway was a dangerous mistake today. If this ride is planned the same next year and my friends will likely not attend.

  40. Rod says:

    Rode the 2016 Fallen Officers ride today. Great until it got onto the freeway to complete the ride. I think this was very dangerous. Hundreds of motorcyclists getting on and traveling on the freeway, competing with cars already going 70 mph plus. It’s my understanding that Timpanogos Harley was told by UDOT that they could not go up State Street due to the length of the motorcade and time. State St. was much more enjoyable an safer for the biker and the auto traffic alike. I don’t think I will do this ride again if it is forced to get onto I15. I think UDOT is very unwise making the ride take the freeway to its destination.

  41. Terence says:


  42. Christian Munk says:

    I just want to say THANK you for putting the lives of so many riders today at risk. That was absolute chaos once we were dumped onto the freeway that was already packed. It left frustrated drivers and riders. I’m actually shocked that there were no injuries and/or somebody killed. I know I was not the only one. I overheard and talked to many very PISSED off riders.

    I’ve attended every year for almost a decade, I won’t be attending again if that is the route chosen again. It’s a WONDERFUL way to honor those who serve us and put their lives at risk and especially those who paid the ultimate price and their families, I just don’t think a great way to honor them is to compound the problem by creating more casualties.

  43. Theresa Sorensen says:

    We rode again this year and thoroughly enjoy this ride however, the traffic and merge onto I15 was a disorganized nightmare today. The ride is much more pleasant riding State Street, not sure the reason for the deviation. When getting onto the freeway there were a lot of cars and we were trying to merge into a bottleneck without our police barrier.

    • Earl Stevens says:

      We’ve enjoyed this ride for years and enthusiastically support the cause. But, after Sunday’s experience, we will decline to participate if the route goes on I-15 again. First is the safety issue. The ride was much less structured on the freeway. Some bikes broke loose and sped past the rest of us. Cars were cutting across our line of bikes to get to an exit, or to avoid an exit only lane. We were often traveling as slow as 10-20 MPH while cars sped past in the adjacent lane at 50-70 MPH. There were no safe “outs”. Extremely dangerous. Couldn’t enjoy the ride as I was on high alert the entire time. My passenger was extremely uneasy. Second, the absence of the “parade” fun. The best part of the ride is all the spectators lining the street, waving, giving thumbs up, displaying their flags and support. Especially the little kids. It’s fun and provides positive interaction/support for the cause and for bikers in general. Really missed that this year. I understand the issue of blocking traffic for an extended period of time on State Street. But, the safety of thousands of riders and the enjoyment of all the spectators out weighs that in my mind. If I-15 is in, we are out.

  44. Ryan says:

    The freeway was not a good place to have that many bikes. I am very greatful no one got hurt. If this ride goes to the freeway again next year I will find a different way to the capital to support the fallen officers and all that they gave for us.

  45. T Hemsley says:

    Wow !!what a ride never felt so scared in my live of riding as I did on Sunday .Don’t think I will put myself in that mess again.The ride was great until we hit I-15 then all hell broke loose.We have supported this ride for 10 years.There will not be an 11th if it goes I-15 again. State street is much safer ride even with the yo-yo effect PLEASE PLEASE I-15 never again. Hope to see ya next year.

  46. Shanna says:

    Please please change the route back to State Street. After 10 years of gaining momentum, so many say they will not return next year if the route is the same. Endangering the lives of thousands was not a good idea. I know that our group will not return if it is not changed back. We love our law enforcement officers and want to show our support! CHANGE THE ROUTE BACK TO STATE STREET!!!!

  47. Stacia Lazowski says:

    By taking this ride to the freeway it split up the ride terribly and almost caused several accidents, one where I was personally involved when a driver cut me off a little too close for comfort. I had my granddaughter on the bike with me and my husband and my brother riding behind me! What would that be like for my family to see that car actually hit me and my granddaughter? Driving on I-15 is WAY to dangerous for this kind of ride. Take it back to State street where the people enjoy watching us and we enjoy driving it. Don’t cause the driver’s to go into panic attacks because their in near accidents with idiot drivers on the freeway!

  48. Ree says:

    I know I’m reiterating what many have already stated, but hopefully I can provide a suggestion, rather than just a complaint.

    I understand from your post of August 20th that you made the route change “for safety”.  Obviously, no one took into account the on and off ramps, not to mention the Spaghetti Bowl or the 6th South ramp with many mandatory lane changes by autos and bikes alike.  This was a critical mistake, especially not having enforcement or controls at these locations.  To ride down the center of the freeway at 45-55 mph, with cars traveling at or above the 70 mph speed limit on both sides of the motorcade was foolish on everyone’s part, including the LEOs.

    While discussing this after the ride, a friend mentioned that this would have been much more effective AND SAFE if the procession had immediately entered the carpool lane when we got on the freeway, when the slowdown was in effect.  We could have then traveled at any speed without the interaction with the cages.  Then we could take the 4th south LEFT exit, completely avoiding these dangerous areas.

    Moving from State Street and not using the carpool was a very dangerous move and not well thought out by the event planners.  After 40 years of ride bikes, I can’t think if a time I was more nervous on a ride.

    I appreciate this opportunity to honor our fallen.  But PLEASE fix this, or I will add my name to the list of those not returning.

  49. Billie says:

    I look forward to this ride every year! Had a great morning and the ride started off great until you put us on the freeway. It was very dangerous!! I know we will not attend any more fallen officer rides if we have to get on the freeway again, and all my friends that ride has said the same thing. Please put the route back down state street!

  50. Nick says:

    If UDOT can close roads for hours for parades, marathons, Tour of Utah etc, then they can manage a rolling closure on a Sunday morning. I’m sure everyone would be willing to depart even earlier if need be to keep the route on state. How can one get on the ULEM board and help plan this huge event? Even your drone operator was a goof.

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