NOW AVAILABLE ~ Utah Law Enforcement Memorial License Plate

Posted on August 10, 2012 by Administrator


A Utah Law Enforcement Memorial License Plate is finally available. If interested in purchasing one, please follow these instructions on how to get the plate – it’s not available for motorcycles at this time due to Utah Code disallowing special group plate designs on motorcycles:

You will need Form TC-203 and you will notice that the Section 1 is already pre-filled for you. Please include your phone number somewhere on the form in case we need to contact you.

License plates are $35.00 dollars per year in addition to normal taxes and registration fee.

  • The 500 New plate applications MUST be turned in together by a Representative of ULEM.
  • Only 500 of these will be made available for the first run —  therefore these will be a limited-edition first-come, first-serve plate.
  • Please make checks payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • If your registration is due, you will pay that cost separately to the DMV.
  • Ordering this plate does not extend your registration. Your renewal month remains the same regardless of where it falls.
  • The vendor will need a twelve-week turnaround which means the plates will not be ready for mailing distribution until September 2012.
  • There will be NO souvenir plates available until we reach the statewide availability status. If you wish a plate for a souvenir it must be tied to a vehicle the first year.
  • The plates will be disseminated by USPS mail to the address on your vehicle registration. In the future an additional $3.00 for postage will be charged per plate. That fee HAS been waived for the initial orders of our plate.
  • Legislation passed only allows for two license plates to have background coloring. These plates are the Ski Utah and the Arches. The blue line through the middle of the plate has been redesigned and will appear behind the slogan “All Give Some … Some Give All”.
  • Personalized group plates are available with up to five digits which can include letters, numbers and spaces. Applying for personalized plates also requires an additional form, TC-817. The total cost for a personalized Special Group plate is $98.00. Anyone who previously submitted $108.00 will be refunded $10.00.
  • A question yet to be answered is whether the annual $35.00 donation cost of the plate is tax deductible. It is believed that it is a deductible cost; however the final information has not been provided. The analogy is that the first year it is somewhat like Girl Scout cookies. You are helping a charitable cause but you do receive a “plate” as compensation. It is year two and beyond that no additional “goods” are received and a copy of your paid registration may suffice as a tax donation receipt. We will await further direction.
  • Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact Danny Driggs or myself. We appreciate your interest and help in launching the availability of the Heroes, All Give Some … Some Give All license plate. Again, we highly emphasize that orders need to be submitted and not held onto in groups. There will be a 501+ application received and there is nothing we can do to provide for those applicants.
  • Questions to Janet Thorsted 801-643-9178 or Danny Driggs 801-528-2544
  • Applications for plates need to be filled out and returned by mail to:
    Janet Thorsted
    PO Box 225
    Kaysville, UT 84037-0225

If you are on Facebook, check out the Utah license plate to honor and support ALL fallen Utah Peace Officers group for more information on the license plate.


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  1. admin says:

    Hi all, I’ve asked for an update and will get it on here as soon as possible.

  2. When we originally started taking applications for the licence plate we didn’t anticipate it would take this long in light of the tragidies we have had in Utah. When the Trooper plate was introduced it took a couple years to get their 500 appications and we thought for sure ours would happen easily in six months. Two months ago we announced that at that time it appeared our plate would be a “limited edition plate” only 500 cars in Utah would get them. It was at that time we were flooded with requests for “spots to be held” for a forthcoming application to meet the 500 plate limit. A month after that was received funding to make the plate available statewide and forever in Utah. THIS IS GREAT, however the mentality seems to be that they will just get the new plate when renewal time comes. This practive WON’T help us reach the still required 500 minimum to start production of the plates. This isn’t a number that is being imposed that can change, it is clearly written in Utah Code. SO….in tallying we had a group that promised 40 + applications and ended up sending in about 12, some other groups sent in varying numbers of applications to the spots held. That and people have moved, sold a vehicle, and a few actually backed out. We are in need of approximately 75 applications to date. We have over 1000 people following this page, but somehow can’t get 500 applications. The new law is frustrating and there is no way around it currently. Danny Driggs has contacted multiple media outlets and is working on some press releases, articles, whatever we can do to get the final push for numbers. WHAT YOU CAN DO IS PLEASE spread the word. Text it, tweet it, Facebook status update it! We need all the help we can get. For more information contact Danny Driggs at 801-528-2544 or e-mail me at or Janet Thorsted at 801-643-9178 or by email Make sure you let them know that it’s not just for law enforcment but for anyone supporting the law enforcment mission. This plate is the perfect way for anyone to show their support for those who gave all!
    WE HAVE inquired to banking institutions regarding checks coming up on being six-months old. We have been told that the checks can now be honored up to 12 months in Utah. If your plates needed renewed at ANY TIME during this process, you renew them as usual. ONCE WE DO REACH 500, the plates go into production which could take another month. The plates AND new decal stickers will then be mailed to the address where the vehicle is registered. I hope this has answered all those lingering questions and concerns and please feel free to contact me with any specific concerns. Janet Thorsted cell/text 801-643-9178

  3. [...] Janet Thorsted cell/text 801-643-9178 THE LINK TO THE FORMS, COST and MAILING INFORMATION IS AT: [...]

  4. tim nielsen says:

    curious if we are close to hitting the 500 mark

  5. Dean says:

    its been a year and I have not seen or heard anything I am going to be trading my car in so now the license plate wont be any good any way so I would just like my money back

  6. Bill Justesen says:

    Hi Dean,

    The process of returning your money has been started. You can read a response here about the challenges we faced. Thanks for your support.


  7. Dean says:

    sorry , and thank you when I gfet my new vehicle I will check back with you

  8. Sydney says:

    Are these plates still available for purchase?

  9. The plates are not available for purchase at this time. Please keep checking our site for more information.

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